how should I decor this restroom?

scolonJuly 31, 2012

hi, thanks for taking your time to help me out. so this is my mothers half restroom from the first floor. is very small, I would like to redecorate it for her, before she comes back from the Dominican republic. the toilet is right in front of it but sadly i dont know how to add another picture, but any ideas would be most welcome.

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When you say redeco for her--how extensive are you willing to go? Change the paint and maybe the mirror, hang some pics or a complete reno with new sink, toilet, fixtures, paint and maybe even floor?

For the first , it's amazing what new paint, a new mirror, some pics on the wall, and a stylish little bathrom rug can do for a space. A faucet upgrade would be relatively easy to do too.

If you wanted to go more extensive, I would do the above + remove the current towel rod, patch the wall behind it if needed and install a new sleek metal towel bar (maybe even reduce to just a towel ring on one of the side walls centered to the width of the sink), put in a new sink with a vanity that has plenty of counter space(looks like it's a narrow space, but they do have premade ready to install 18-21" vanities w/ counter and sink if you need it), and perhaps a new toilet if the one that's there clogs up often or is ancient & looks it. You should be able to DIY all these things pretty easily (of course the term 'pretty easily' is relative!)

Just my $0.02

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As mydreamhome asked, it might depend on how much you want to spend and/or what work you are comfortable doing on your own.

Personally, I would replace the faucet with something new and more decorative. I would also replace the towel bar with something metal and more decorative. Since it's a powder room, I might opt for a towel ring or towel bar closer to the sink. (No reason to be using the towel while on the toilet.)

You could replace the pedestal sink and/or toilet if you wanted a larger sink or the toilet needs replacement, but from your picture, the current sink looks quite nice.

Looks like there are several soaps on the small sink though. Perhaps you could add a decorative (maybe glass?) shelf above the sink or to the left wall (when you're facing the sink).

The mirror looks pretty nice. You might consider a framed mirror (though I like this one's oval shape), but I don't know that it's necessary.

You could add a decorative backsplash, though if your mom prefers a simple style, it might be too much. You could also paint if you think there's a different color that she would like better. The current paint looks pretty, though it's not very bold. (I mean that in a nice way. I have an all white bathroom that I really like. Just depends on personal preference.)

You could also buy some new hand towel(s) and a rug if she likes to have one on the floor. (I prefer to only have a floor bath towel to put down when bathing/showering and no rugs.)

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I think the pedestal sink and mirror look fine. I would consider replacing the flooring and paint the bath a little darker color so the pedestal sink pops. I would also replace the faucet and the towel bar and add a glass shelf for some storage.
I recently added basketweave flooring in a small bath with a pedestal sink. We also added crown moulding, re-painted and added a new light fixture, towel bar, and a glass shelf.

You didn't show the light fixture in your bathroom, but adding a new light can make a huge difference:

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I love that paint color pipdog! It looks like a not quite greige warm grey. What is it?

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