Fridge with LOTS of produce storage

olivertwistkitchenJuly 5, 2012

My family consumes > 3 gallons of milk per week and probably >10 pounds of apples. (More than 3 big bags).

Looking for a fridge that has lots of room for fresh produce, ideally lots of BIG crisper drawers.

Everything I look at, even the newer FD fridges have small crisper bins. Suggestions? Thanks.

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All any commercial fridge is is a shelf that you place color coded bins on. Translate that practice to your home use style and place some produce in it's own sealed container.

Or perhaps get a refrigerator drawer that is soley dedicated to produce in addition to a "regular" refrigerator.

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I agree Oliver. I've never seen residential fridge with enough cripser/ produce storage larger enough for what we consume. We go through more than two gallons of milk/week and pounds of fresh veg and fruit. I store overflow in the non-cripser area of our kitchen KA unit or in our garage fridge. Works well for me. Good luck!

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Would a four door French Door solve this problem?

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We go through 2 gallons of milk per week about 5 bunches (big, big) of leafy greens and tons and tons of cartons and containers and bags of harder-type vegetables (carrots, etc). I'm actually finding my Samsung FD keeps up with this, surprisingly. It's the first fridge I have that has. I just love this thing. I don't think stated capacity alone is the issue; usability matters a lot too. There are two very deep drawers accessible by either open French door. And there's a full-width drawer accessible when both FDs are open. I think newer models have a second of these full-width drawers accessible independently of the FDs. Whether that cuts down on overall capacity I don't know by necessitating space for the mechanism of the fourth door. But it sounds like it might be a helpful feature - potential space trade-off notwithstanding. But I can't speak to this personally.

There are other kinds of fridges that many on this list know a lot about, namely ones that don't have freezers attached so the entire space is devoted to being a refrigerator. Maybe that would work for you? Formerly I had no idea there was such a range of refrigerator options but I'm new to this high-end world. It could be that visiting a high-end appliance store would be worth your while to see some of these rarer, fancier offerings.

BTW, I'm not sure what veggies you're having trouble handling, but I've been told that people in Mediterranean climates (warm, not broiling) with tons of leafy veggies keep them fresh outside of the fridge in large buckets of water (I imagine you change the water nightly). If, like me, it's those large bunches of the leafy stuff that cause the most problem, this could be a work-around perhaps? Obviously people dealt for millenia without refrigeration....

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