Window in tub/shower; 3/4 shutter?

s8thrdJuly 1, 2013

We're considering moving our tub/shower in front of the bathroom window. It's a good-sized traditional double-hung window that comes down to my waist. We would replace it with vinyl and tile it in, but, despite all the images of windows in showers online, our contractor is against it unless the window is covered with a shower curtain to keep water off. We could do this but fear it wouldn't look great. (We would need to do something for privacy anyway, unless we got the lower half frosted, which would really change the look.)

We could replace it with a large transom window, but there are complications which may make this a big job, and a difficult and relatively expensive proposition. And it would change the look of this very traditional, old-house bath.

There are currently shutters on the lower half of the window. You can buy waterproof interior shutters, and I'm wondering about that as a solution to covering the window. But, halfway shutters probably wouldn't do it; we'd have to go 3/4 of the way up. Would that look strange, like the shutters didn't fit the window? We could go with full shutters, but then we'd have to angle the louvers partly open for daylight when showering, which would let some water in. (They'd be swung open the rest of the day.)

Or, should we do something else entirely? Maybe a curtain isn't so bad? Or spring for the big complicated transom project? Any thoughts are welcome!

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I'd do the shower curtain but make it an actual window treatment - IE, don't just put a full length and height shower curtain and rod over the whole wall. I think it could be cute. You can also install the rod 3/4 of the way up the window in a cafe curtain look.

Like this: Buy a waterproof white shower curtain that looked somewhat like a normal curtain (not too plasticky), cut and hem it to size, and hang it not from the ceiling a tension shower rod but from a grab or other bar drilled into the wall like a normal curtain rod. Make sure the rod is installed so it extends far enough to either side of the window so water doesn't get in.

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Thanks for your thoughts. We're thinking about this as an option; maybe it's the best one.

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