Sigh. I need an inexpensive shower solution..

joyjoyjoyJuly 13, 2010

Long story short. We remodeled our bathroom 3 years ago without did it without much planning ahead of time. (I literally came home one day to my husband smashing down walls). We had to buy things we could find locally and ended up buying a cheap shower and we already need to replace it. It took me awhile to even figure out the manufacturer and now that I know it there are all kinds of complaints about there being cracks in the floor. That is our problem too and today it went from a tiny hairline crack to a very big, water is definitely inside the base problem. My husband is CHEAP and just said to me. "I can't believe you want to replace the shower because there is a crack in the floor! Put some caulk on it!!"

We need a corner shower unit - not bigger than 34".. I am thinking of having the two walls and floor tiled then buying a new rounded glass wall/door - anything specific I should look for as far as quality goes? The cheaper the better but it needs to be done right this time. I wouldnt have to pay for labor - between my dad and two brothers I have a plumber, a tiler, and a jack of all trades...

Here is the current shower we have... any chance I could reuse the glass wall and door? Its still in very nice shape.. The floor is the only problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: crappy shower.

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I have seen some crazy rebuilds in my day.

What is your budget? Lets start there...

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I really have no idea on budget.. can I do anything under $500? Nothing magical about that number - just might not freak my husband out too much.. We have money saved for our kitchen remodel, but this needs to come first. I can put off an appliance or two if that's what it takes to have a decent shower!

I will measure and post pics of the space too. Thanks for the help!

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Okay here is my floorplan and a few pics of the room. The new shower could come out 7 more inches toward the toilet and the little ledge surrounding the tub would just be tucked behind the shower on that side. There is 4 inches of empty wall next to the shelving which is still temporary, 3 years later! We can overlap that a little bit too - we'll just put a narrower door on whenever we get to that. Currently though the shower is rounded so the corner doesnt jut out - so if we go too much deeper I'd want the corner rounded or angled.

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While I think you could buy basic tile and materials to build a new shower pan and rebuild and tile the walls relatively inexpensively, I think the cost of the shower door is what will be pricey.

I did a quick online search, and the least expensive neo angle door from Sterling is about $350 -- and that's without shipping/tax. Of course you'd have to follow those dimensions exactly.

Almost hate to say this -- but if the same shower is still being made, your least expensive alternative would be to buy a replacement shower base from the manufacturer.

Then -- it must be installed properly -- install it in a mortar base (mortar is cheap -- use lots so that the entire floor is evenly supported!!).

All the best! (and good for holding your ground that caulk won't cut it!)

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That said I have seen some crazy Fiberglass "Bondo" repairs in my day that have held up for over ten years. Not the prettiest of installs - or the safest.

But as an emergency band aid for $50.00 your good to go. $300.00 and you are adding a tile base to the exisiting base unit.

A thousand things can go wrong with this install and I have seen more bad repairs but I have seen my share of "Uber Band Aids". Best to research the proper method and find funding for a new "Two Person Shower" this might improve the odds of getting a proper rebuild!

Good Luck.


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Ha! Good advice, John.

"Best to research the proper method and find funding for a new "Two Person Shower" this might improve the odds of getting a proper rebuild!"

Joy..- I like your checkered tile colors with the green tub- lovely.

Do NOT even mention the Bondo to your husband...he may go there on his own, but don't invite the idea. I don't have any useful input for you otherwise.

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I'd probably cut a large enough access hole in the base to be able to put in the mortar support base it needs and then repair the holes/cracks with a fiberglass repair kit. If you do a good enough patch job, you can gelcoat the (entire) surface and never tell it was repaired. Fiberglass isn't difficult to work with and the products are readily available at any automotive supply store. Finding someone skilled enough to do this might be another story, but if you know someone who's into restoring Corvettes, they've probably worked with enough fiberglass repair over the years to be able to do it.

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Thanks everyone! I hope we can make a decision this weekend.. :)

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Okay Our plan is to do what live wire oak suggested - I have to cut most of the floor out though to get all of the foam out, and remove the cracked pieces. Will the fiberglass repair kit be enough to build a whole new surface over the mortar? Or should I get a piece of something to fit in there and fill in the gaps with the repair material? If I get a piece of something - where would i find it? Do I look for fiberglass? Some kind of rubber or more flexible plastic?


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