Best Counter Depth with Ice/Water: Consensus?

applnutJuly 15, 2013

We are looking to replace our Jen Air side-by-side bar fridge in the next six months or so (it will go into the garage) with another stainless, counter depth. This fridge is used mostly for drinks and ice/water in the door is a must. Basically we want the freezer for ice, storing some popsicles and the like and want to max out the fridge space. We like that the Jenn-Air water comes out cold, but there are plenty of other things we don't like. We'd be open to french door or side-by-side, not wedded to others. Towel bar/tube handles would be a plus, just in terms of matching, but, again, a want, not a need.

Would like to avoid GE and Whirlpool--I know wide scope--if possible, due to past bad experiences, but if they've got the best going, wouldn't be totally adverse to taking a leap since this isn't a $5,000+ purchase.

I've read a lot of varying opinions here and just not sure if there was any kind of current consensus amongst Garden Web gurus regarding which was best.

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Ice dispensers are the most problematic part of the modern fridge. Any fridge with one will have at least a few angry reviews.

FD have the ice maker in the refrigerator, making them more prone to problems, people buy them because they really want the ability to store large items like large cakes and party trays easily in the fridge. Since this is for the bar eliminate those.

The American family of brands from GE and Whirlpool tend to have the largest ice capacity. This seems particularly important to you. I was shopping in this class of SxS counterdepth fridge with ice in-door not too long ago. I liked everything about the Samsung except the ice storage capacity.

I would go Electrolux ICON Professional E23CS78HPS. It is a free standing counter depth that has built-in styling with those full length pro type handles you want.

KitchenAid Pro Line Series KSC24C8EYP is part of the Whirlpool/Jenn Air family and has pro type handles but not full length.

There are two or three negative reviews on these fridges easily seen with a mild search of the net but like I said virtually all with ice dispensers do. If not then it is almost surely do to the fact they don't sell many.

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Samsung all the way. Had ours going on 2 years now and still love's why:

Ice/Water in door....check!
Water filter easy to find & replace....check!
Ice maker in freezer compartment....check!
Plenty of fridge space....check!
Food stays fresher longer....check!
Tube handles....check!
Stainless available....check!
Quiet operation....check!
Reasonably priced....check!

Hope this helps!

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applnut, I just looked at a FD CD Samsung RFG238AARS yesterday at Lowes. It has 2 ice makers- one through the door and one in the bottom freezer. I've looked at the reviews, and like Deeageaux said, some bad as always, but a lot of good ones, too. I personally like the LG LFX25991ST.

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Wow now I'm annoyed - I didn't realize Samsung makes a model with dual ice makers. I ordered the 237 which only has one. That'll teach me to assume ajmadison sells everything - the 238 is not on their web site.

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Turns out the 238 with dual ice is a lowes only model. With two days to spare I canceled my order and re-ordered with lowes. Thanks a lot, mydreamhome, for calling my attention to this. Oh, and you saved me a couple bucks, too!

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Bumping up for anymore opinions. We are also looking for counter depth, ice/water in door. Thanks!

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GE is making fridges in the US now, if that matters to you.

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We just installed an Elux counter depth fridge in our new kitchen. The fridge is still too new to judge long term quality but so far we really like it.

Dual ice maker
Fully adjustable Perfect temp drawer
Enough space inside even for a counter depth fridge
Still fits nicely in 24 inch cabinets, unlike so pseudo counter depth fridge.
Displays shows the real temp. This is useful when a kid leaves the freezer drawer slightly open...

So far only one. The water in the dispenser is not really cold. This is minor since it produces enough ice to please a polar bear....

Here is a link that might be useful: EW23BC85KS

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Kitchaid SXS counter depth with ice/water in the door. Easy to change the water filter, quiet, problem free for the past 5 years. Highly recommend that you take a look at this brand.

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