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TakkoneJuly 30, 2013

Great TV drama series on Netflix, House of Cards. Follows the lives of Washington D.C. insiders. CC looks like a 48" or 60" with grill and griddle? In the home of the main characters Francis and his wife Claire, played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

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Haha ... how to know we've been on GW for too long ... we start identifying the appliances on TV show sets. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :-)

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I recall noticing the range when Friends was on. A bunch of young kids with no money in a New York apartment, and Monica had a Wolf range - sort of hard to believe.

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I thought Monica had a Viking range?

2 Broke Girls have a lavender Bluestar RNB.

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Monica had a GE Monogram range. That's what GE Monogram ranges looked like around 1994. Note that all NBC TV shows from 1986 onward, when GE purchased NBC, have GE appliances in the TV set kitchens. Even the Today Show's kitchen set, for when they have guest chefs on, has GE appliances. Deeageaux - Broke Girls is on CBS, so they can have any brand appliance they want.

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I have never had the time or patience to sit down and watch friends often, but I know for sure that there was a Viking range for a at least a while in who ever accupied that apartment.

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I wasn't TKO or TAO back in my collegiate days but I thought I remembered seeing a Viking range.

Weren't they the first "pro style" range?

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Well, since all the girls on Friends never wore the same outfit twice, it doesn't surprise me that they could also afford an upscale range. But their apartment was a rental ... wouldn't the landlord supply the appliances?

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Yep, you know a diner line-cook and a barista could afford a $5k/month Greenwich Village 2 bedroom apartment.

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Deeageaux - I thought it was "understood" that Monica's and Rachel's parents were "helping" with the rent. Remember when Marlo Thomas played Rachel's mom? She nailed the wealthy suburban-NY woman to a tee. Jellytoast- I think Rachel's clothes in the first few seasons looked inexpensive. I'm remembering unfortunate shorts-overalls on her. It wasn't until she got the job with Ralph Lauren that she started dressing so chic.

What I remember about that Village apartment was what looked to be yards of Brunschwig fabric draped at the window! As to the appliances, I remember the old-time fridge which looked like it was from the '60's. So, the aspiring chef has a Viking or GE Monogram range but a tiny inefficient fridge. Never understood that, but only a TKO would notice.

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Anywhere a brand is visible, you can be rest assured somebody probably paid for the privilege or supplied the merchandise, whether it is a movie or a tv show. They'll pay even more to get it prominently featured or mentioned in the dialog. Even in the reality shows, the brands will be blurred out unless the companies paid to have them shown. There are whole websites dedicated to particularly bad or clumsy versions of this type of promotion.

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