Hotpoint Electric Coil Range

Hev7970July 27, 2012

Hi: We have a Hotpoint electric coil range. Less than two years old and have had thermostat/oven control issues twice now. Anyway, we have service call in to GE and they are coming out but not for a week. The problem we are having (and have had in the past) is that when power is going to the range, the oven comes on regardless of the oven switch being on or off, and the oven just gets hotter and hotter. We have the range turned off at the breaker box. The stove top works fine. Trying to feed a family of four without a stove top is a challange, my husband suggested removing the oven elements until the service call so that we can at least use the stove top. Is this OK to do? Thanks

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Ain't warranty service grand?

Removing the oven elements could work but might not be a good idea for a couple of reasons.

First, if you do it without telling GE and the service company, they could treat that as unauthorized work and void your warranty. So call them both before you try it.

Second, the problem is in the control circuit boards not in the heating elements. When you remove the oven elements you will have two wires for each projecting into the oven. They will be electrically hot whenever the stove is plugged in (because the oven-on-off is stuck in the "on" position.) You have to be very careful about properly capping and insulating the ends. Also, GE might be thinking that there might be a fire hazard with the circuit-board controllers. If so, it might be insisting you leave the stove unplugged until warranty service is done.

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