Wolf Range - Delayed Ignition

Mikal1July 9, 2013

Hi Folks,

Maybe someone here could help me out. We're looking at a used R364G and noticed when running it through it's paces that it takes a (way too) long time for the oven to light. So I immediately thought of the past recalls, but this critter doesn't fit into either of them (one way back in 2001 and more recently in 2009 (I think)). And there have also been some reports of similar issues outside of those recalls.

I was hoping that someone might have some experience and understanding as to what the fix was/has been for these issues? Was Wolf simply replacing the oven ignitor or was there something else at fault?

Anyone have experience having a Wolf oven repaired due to delayed ignition?


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How long is too long? My Wolf range oven takes a while to light, longer than my previous oven, but I thought that was normal for the glow-bar type of ignitor.

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Hi Jelly,

Thanks for replying. I'll give you two answers, a) greater than 60-seconds which is what Wolf support told me is the maximum that it should take, and b) greater than 3-minutes which is about what this one seems to take. Although I didn't/haven't actually timed it to be honest.

Does that match what your experience has been? I appreciate your input.


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I would say that mine ingnites somewhere close to that one-minute range.

It is my understanding that Wolf switched to spark ignitors in their new version of this range because they are supposed to be more durable (longer lasting) than the glow-type. However, I preferred the glow-type because they are silent and don't make that annoying clicking noise whenever they re-ignite. I figured having to replace the ignitor more often was a small price to pay for not having that annoyance. My range is fairly new, so I haven't had any issues.

Have you already purchased this range, or just considering it? If you haven't already bought it, I would ask the current owner to replace the ignitor before purchasing.

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gas oven common parts replace

If the oven is over five years old, the thermostat (poor function or badly positioned), igniter (= glowbar) and safety valve are usually prime suspects.
The fault can be subtle. May show correct temperature on a thermometer in an empty oven but lack the heat density to cook properly. Long warmup and cooking times with underdone results using test cake mixes and cook from frozen items are typical.

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Thanks folks, all really helpful stuff. Yes, trying to factor in something for the repair. A bit of a crap shoot of course, but that comes with this territory.

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Good luck. If you can get that issue worked out, it's a really nice range.

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Slower ignition is most likely the Glow Bar Igniter starting to wear out. The igniter will look like it's glowing fine but it is no longer pulling the 3.2 amps required to open the gas safety valve.
The igniter generally wears out in 4 to 7 years depending on usage. Typically the igniter is aproximately $50 - $70 for the part plus whatever labor to install it.

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Thanks again everyone, might just get lucky with a quick, easy fix.

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