OT Missing Candy

nana2010_gwDecember 4, 2012

I am missing Christmas Candy.
Hope she will be back soon.

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Nana and everybody else,
I am sorry to have been MIA, but I have an excuse.
I made all the decorations (including 16 feet of curtains for a backdrop) for the church for our annual Ladies Luncheon; "Home for the Holidays" in addition to decorating 2 tables for the event. I also read a poem I wrote specifically for the event "Twas the Night before Christ's Birth." That was Nov. 17. As soon as it was over, I had to take everything down and haul it home and wash up.
Then finish the outside house decorations, (DH actually got most of the decorations down out of the rafters in the garage and hooked up some extension cords!!) and get the house and food ready for Thanksgiving and 16 guests.
It took until 2:30 PM on Nov. 23 to get all of the fall/Thanksgiving decor down and away and get started on getting out the Christmas decor.

The big tree in the family room took Mom and me 6 hours to set up and decorate on Wed. the 28th.

After work on Thursday the 29th was Ladies Night Out for the church and we went to the Denver Center to see the musical "White Christmas."

Dec. 2 was cookie day with all 5 DGK's, my 2 daughters and my Mom over to bake cookies, blasting Christmas music all the while, and decorating the red and gold tree in between decorating the cookie batches. DH hides in his office with the door closed, except to sneak out and grab some cookies. LOL!
Dylan needed a new apron as the pot holder one is now too small, so I made her new one out of the tea towel!

Yesterday, was fix it day, repairing decorations that needed some TLC and finishing up the rest of the decor.
So now I am ready to get caught up here, but it may take a while as I still need to get presents wrapped and get food ready for our first holiday party this weekend.
I am sneaking a little time here, as I am at work right now....ssssh, don't tell anybody, teehee.

Anyway, it appears I have a lot of posts to read and catch up on, so I'll do my best one at a time.

Merry Christmas,

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Nana, so glad you asked about Candy.
I've been wondering about her and a
few others.

Candy, you must be all in but your
shoe laces! However I can hardly
wait to see your tables and all your
decorations this year! I'm so happy
you are all done. Not sure how my
year will end with outside decor.


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Gee Candy, And here all this time i thought you were goofin off !!

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LOL @ nana's comment above! Welcome back, candy ... lookin' forward to pics (sometime before Christmas! ~~giggle) What a 'whirlwind' month! Fun times! Love it! Jeanne S.

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Holy Moley! I almost had to go back to bed when I read this.
Well, glad you're still around and back to semi-normal.

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Candy, you are a force of nature for certain. I can't wait to see pictures of your accomplishments.

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Good to see you Candy - Man I get tired just reading some of these posts. At 68 I have really really slowed down. Can't wait to see your pictures - I am enjoying my Christmas through other peoples pictures. I am doing stuff just on a smaller scale .....


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Marlene Kindred

I'm exhausted just reading about all you've been doing....glad you're back though and look forward to seeing all of your cool stuff!

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Ditto on what the other gals said about your exhausting schedule. I think you and Punk have cornered the market on energy and its no wonder there's not much left for us poor
normal people!! If you two got together, the "wattage" could keep our planet going for years. LOL.

I was pretty sure you were buried in Christmas decorating, as I know what all you do each year. I can't wait to see it all, know it'll be over-the-top eye candy for us here.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks everybody.
I just posted the pictures of my ladies luncheon. I work tomorrow, have a friends lunch Friday, my DM is bringing a friend to see the house Fiday afternoon, and I am having my co-workers over Friday night.
Tonight I made the cheese ball, cherry mash candy, spice tea mix (which I use to make my wassail and will be giving in a cute ceramic jar I found at a TS to my hostess Friday), snowball cookies, and oeanut brittle.
So, probably no more pictures until after Friday, LOL

Merry Christmas,

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Candy...I do admire your 'Spunk'!
However, I'm joining the others with feeling exhausted just from
READING what you did and are still doing!
Glad Nana put a 'shout out' to you and you're okay though.
With your 'Full Dance Card'..I hope you get some time in
to relax and enjoy it all...

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OOPS!! That should be Peanut Brittle, LOL
Needless to say it was late and I was a bit weary, so didn't proofread very well.

I am one of those people who just love everything about the hustle and bustle of the holiday, so I am enjoying all of it, plus I am not someone who can just sit. I have to be doing something and I have played golf both of the past Saturdays and yesterday it was 69, so I was out on the golf course again. Dec. 5 and I was wearing short sleeves and a skort!!! Beautiful, but we really need some moisture, and it is suppposed to rain/snow this weekend.

Merry Christmas,

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