What paint color white did you use for trims?

tncraftJune 4, 2012

I can't decide which white paint to use for trims. Please share the paint color you used. Thanks!

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SW Creamy. I love it because it's definitely not stark, but it is white enough that it doesn't look yellow in my girls' pastel rooms.

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we are going with SW Ivory Lace....

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We love BM's Acadia...too me it is a creamy white, but still white & not bright white. I don't see any undertones in this color...with so many I felt like the color looked "dirty" or had yellow, pink or other undertones.

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I now feel like I lack all creativity ;) in my current house we just used the bright white semi gloss from Behr on the doors and trim - looks great! :)

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We used Porter Velvet White - have used in the past 3 houses. It is no longer made but is very similar to dover white as I realized when I ordered plantation shutters for our bedrooms. Simply White is lovely - by BM - we used it on a vanity. We wanted creamier cabinets and trim. It is less creamy than Linen White, which is also lovely but more cream.

Buckheadhillbilly used SW Creamy but had the black taken out - she thought it made it look dingy. I also thought it was a little dingy so I can see how that is a good solution. I thought Acadia white was too yellow for us . . This is a hard decision!!!

BM Marscapone is a designer favorite, as is Linen White, and Simply White. I am not a fan of a super stark white so the standard white was not my favorite.

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I used Acadia as well, blends beautifully with off white wood blinds... No yellow and really not white. I love it!

You should start with your kitchen cabinets and pick a color that complements them and then go from there. MY designer gave me that heads up! Most whites go with all paint colors.

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BM Simply White

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We are using BM Super White because it goes best with our window & cabinet color.

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I apologize that I don't have the time right now to find the link for you, but Google "Colour Me Happy" which is a blog by Maria Killam. She has several free articles about choosing paint colors, one is specifically about whites for trim.

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