Help finding 60' alcove tub with long/wide basin!!

JulieAPJuly 24, 2011

We are pulling out a old fiberglass tub/shower unit and replacing with a real bathtub and shower. We need a 60" alcove tub with apron and were hoping for something that is a nice deep soak. We never really use this a shower... but use the bathtub quite a bit. We thought since we don't mind sitting in our little 12 inch deep tub... a soaker tub will be so much better.

The guy at the plumbing store was going to sell us a hydro systems tub (no bubbles... just a soaker) and we love the depth but the inside feels too short!

We just realized the 60x32 we are pulling out has a basin that is 47" long and all the tubs we have been looking at only have max of maybe 43" basin.

Anyone find one that is longer on the inside? Please share what brand and model!

We need a nice long basin and are willing to compromise depth for more leg room!



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We have the Kohler Bancroft 5' alcove tub, and it is VERY deep - so deep in fact that it takes quite a while to fill (!), and my 7-year old can practically swim in it. I think it's 45" at the bottom of the basin, but 20" deep! It's also a very nice-looking tub with a tasteful detail on the apron - would probably go with most traditional or transitional design.

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I have also been looking for the deepest / longest alcove tub without all the frills and for a relatively low price what I have so far turned up

American Standard Evolution
60x32x19 with an interior of at the
bottom 41.5x22.5 and at the
top 52 x26,
16" deep to overflow
74 gal

Kohler Archer
60x32x21 (I think) with an interior of at the
bottom 45x19 and at the
top 52 x25,
15" deep to overflow
58 gal

American Standard Studio 2945
60x32x22 (I think) with an interior of at the
bottom 40.5x20 and at the
top I forgot to ask when I called
15.5" deep to overflow
54 gal

Kohler Underscore drop in or undermount
60x32x21 with an interior of at the
bottom 42x23.5 and at the
top 55x27
17.5" deep to overflow
81 gal

I have yet to make my final decision and the underscore fits my needs in all ways other than it is only available as a drop in so most likely I will go with one of the other 3.

The bancroft has great measurements but I don't love the wave in the front.

Good Luck

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I did not like the overflow valve of the archer and it felt sort of narrow with the arm rests.

The best one we found locally had basin of 43 x 20 so hopefully the bancroft will feel better. We will search for that!

I don't want to pick a tub without first sitting in it... now we need to find a showroom with the bancroft on the floor...


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You are right about the archer being narrow, I was all set to buy it until I saw it in the showroom - it is very narrow!! what is the model that you already found?


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We found a place that has the bancroft and I found it much more comfortable than the archer. The basin is 45 x 22 and you really notice this compared to the archer... which is quite narrow.

The other ones we found: called the Lacey made by Hydro Systems. It is the same as the Wright made by Americh. These are much deeper soaker tubs (21 inches high and the basin is 43 x 20) and the water level is 17 and more compared to the 15 inch water level of the Kohler Bancroft.

i liked the bancroft better because it has the longer basin and is lower price, but we are sacrificing the depth a tad.

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Have you made a decision yet? the options are endless, yet it seems I am having trouble finding what I am looking for. I am looking for a rectangular soaking tub 60"long 30-32" wide with tile flange and skirt since it is going into a 3 wall alcove, I would like it to have minimal lines, clean and simple, with a 15" to overflow depth and at least 20" wide inside. My budget is no more than $1000. and I thought it should be a snap but no I am having a heck of a time finding something and my brain is all googled out! I hope you have an easier time choosing - I am at the stage of deciding what compromise do I make, looks? features? aaaaaahhhhhhhhh

I never imagined having so much trouble with my choices!


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I love my Kohler Expanse. It is deep and wide, especially for a 60" alcove tub. The curved apron gives you a lot more room for showering and soaking.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Expanse

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Love the expanse... but cant fit our space.

We are going with the bancroft 60x32. it is 15 deep to overflow and basin is 45x22. it comes with tile flange and apron. you can get it at home depot for way under your price.

SAt in it and it was more comfortable that the deeper hydro systems soaker tub that had lots of straight (uncomfortable) angles.

i am just trying to figure out of the koler tub at home depot is same quality as the one at the plumbing store?

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If the model number is exactly the same, it's the same.

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While the expanse is a beautiful tub, I don't have the space for it - 32" is pushing it for me and at it's widest the expanse is 38". Love the size of the Bancroft but not the little wave on the apron. I wonder does anyone know if it's possible to get a different apron?


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You cant change the apron of the bancroft.

At my plumbing store (Pacific Sales in CA) they had the Hydro Systems Sydney tub for $800 with the drain included, apron, and tile flange. This is lower price than full retail. it is a very straight and clean looking tub. It looks identical to the Lacey with apron that some have on this site, but less expensive. it is a deep soaker... I think water is 17 high, basin 41x20 at bottom. they make a 30 and a 32 wide version. the measurements I mentioned above were for the standard 60x32 alcove tub.

it is supposedly very good quality. I don't know if you can try to get that one- it looks modern and is within your budget. hope that helps rachel!

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Hi Julie, thanks a lot - I LOVE the Sydney tub, now I am going to look and see if I find it for a reasonable price.

Thanks, Rachel

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Julie - where is the Pacific Sales that you saw it for 800? it beats the lowest price I could find by $200. There are several pacific sales stores in CA

Thanks a lot, Rachel

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I'm in the same predicament - need a 5', probably 32"w alcove replacement tub, would like it to be as long as possible, and fairly deep but don't want to climb over a 20" sidewall to get in the tub/shower. So I'm quite intrigued by tubs that have a horizontal overflow drain near the top to enable deep water depth without an overly tall tub (of course, you won't be able to splash around as much without causing an overflow, but so be it). So I've looked around and found all of two manufacturers using this design - American Standard (top photo) and Watertech. Watertech only makes air tubs and whirlpools, which I don't need. There must be others though. Know of any?

Watertech even offers a combination overflow drain and tub spout, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on your tub - not sure if I like it, but neat anyway...

Anyway, are there any other manufacturers that make tubs like these, with horizontal overflow drains near the top of the tub?


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We put in a Bancroft a few months ago. I wanted the deepest, comfiest soaker for the space. I sat in several, and this was my favorite.

I, too, did not like the "wave". The Kohler photos sort of emphasize this design feature. I was surprised when I saw it in person--the wave thing is very subtle and I actually liked it!

Try to see one in person. Ferguson's has them.

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I'll schedule a trip there, the main Kohler shop in my area. I don't see a "wave" on the apron in any of the pix I can find online, just a subtle rectangular cut line. The tilted headrest at the back looks comfortable. Will check this one out.

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> I don't see a "wave" on the apron in any of the pix I can find online

Take a look at girlcat's photos of her bancroft:

Here is a link that might be useful: girlcat's remodel

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sorta see what you mean, but think I'll have to see this tub IRL. Other option is keeping existing 60+ year old tub, which is nicely sized but rather old fashioned looking and a bit scraped up, and afraid it can't really be touched up to look almost new despite the contractor telling me otherwise.

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Yes, the ripple is more pronounced in real life, but it's a handsome tub. Lowes sometimes has it on display.

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Thanks - i'll check Lowes (but the frustrating thing about HD/Lowes bathtub displays is that they always have them on display 8 feet high on the top shelf so you can't sit in them to see if they're comfortable, and often they're so close together you can't see what the side aprons look like either).

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Oh and another thing I've noticed is that tubs that are also available as whirlpools often aren't as long, because they still leave space for a motor behind the backrest that isn't there. The American Standard Evolution tub that I pictured above (in a drop-in version, though an alcove model is also available) is like that.

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Well, the Bancroft is part of the paid Kohler display space when Lowes has it, which is good because that means it's right on the floor, but of course that also means that unless Kohler decides that's the one they want to show, they don't. For a while it was the main tub in all the Kohler displays in Lowes, but lately I've only seen it in a few of the larger stores around here.

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Just back from the closest Lowes and this one didn't even have a plumbing display (of the sort that shows a few mock bathrooms). No Kohler tubs of any sort on display. Maybe I can make it over to the only other nearby Lowes. Also checked out a Ferguson showroom which didn't have any alcove tubs that appealed to me.

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Julie AP if you see this, it been months (at this point more than a year) but a thank you is way overdue. I bought the tub from Pacific sales for $850 including the drain assembly - the tub and saved a nice amount of money, I NEVER would have found the store without you so thank you!


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We went with the Americh Turo 60x32x18. The tub was $1050 for the tub, without an air option. More than the Kohler and Sydney, but we didn't want such a high step over. It was installed in an alcove, 15.5 inches until overflow. It's 43 inches long at the bottom and feels wide. We purchased it locally in San Francisco from Excel Plumbing which I highly recommend. They have excellent prices, usually better than the internet, and great customer service.

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I'm liking the Maax Rubix - another squared-off tub with max showering space like the Mirabelle Edenton mentioned in several threads here, and cheaper to boot (under $600 for some). Three sizes available - 60x30, 60x32, and 66x32, and they're a shorter 18" tall (a few inches taller for the available above-ground rough-in models). The 66x32 I'm looking at is a full 24-1/2" wide inside on average (see specs here).

Here is a link that might be useful: Maax Rubix 6032 at Homeclick

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I am in the same position as the person looking for a 60x32 inch tub with a long basin. I am also looking for width but don't want anything super deep because I am short and like a more open feel. It sounds like the Archer and the Bancroft might be my best choices though I'm open to new suggestions.

I would really like to sit in them first. Someone said they found a Lowes with the Bancroft on the floor. Where was it? I live in Seattle.


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I found a Lowes with a Bancroft here on the east coast - glad I did, because I didn't like it at all. Specifically, the edge of the tub protrudes around where you'd lean your head back, just where I'd want a flat surface for comfort.

I also tried out an Edenton at Ferguson (they had only the 60x30 version, not the 32"w) and didn't like it either. Another tub they had called the Bradenton was much better - 22" wide inside despite the small armrests on either side, and almost 26" wide above the armrests. Felt quite roomy for a 60x32" tub I'm still looking for something even better though. The American Standard Cambridge is a possibility - like the beveled headrest, not sure about the hard Americast material. Haven't seen one in person though.

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Anne_100, I'm also on the east coast, in FL. Around here Lowes has a large display section in the baths department which is funded by the big players, like Kohler and Am Standard, and they each pay for display space there. I guess, from other posts in this thread, that this isn't the case everywhere.

Lee676, I've seen the cambridge, although it was quite a long time ago, and am considering that one myself. It looks and feels just like cast iron, but americast is more fragile. If you search for it here you'll get a bunch of different opinions about it.

FWIW, the guys I talked to in both Lowes and HD said they get more acrylic tubs coming back than americast, but of course I don't know what their margins are on the two, either.

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Try MTI Andrea 6

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I've been looking at all these same tubs although I have 66x32 dimensions. The Maax Rubix and Pose tubs look great online, but no one seems to know how deep they are. I contacted Maax and they said 17.5" to the overflow. When I asked about actual water depth, they said less than 12 inches. Since the Maax tubs are 20 and 24 inches high, 12 inches of water sounds very disappointing. I hate to give up on their products since they sound perfect for my project, but no one seems to know the answer to the water depth question.

I am now looking at the Hydro Systems Lacey.

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ChristaM, I'm confused. Usually the depth to overflow is the effective maximum water depth, unless you have the option for an overflow with the hole on top, like the one made by american standard (deep soak drain) that lets you go a little above that.

I've never heard of a tub where the water depth has to be 5" below the overflow--why is that?

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writersblock I don't really know either. That's why I contacted the manufacturer. Their customer service people don't seem to know the answer. Most manufacturers put this information on the technical drawings, but not Maax.

On the drawings for both tubs, the overflow center is listed at 17.5 but it's measuring from the base of the leveling feet, not the interior of the tub. And the center of the drain still has an inch or so below it (so the water would be at most 16.5 deep).

When I asked the salesperson to clarify, they said the water depth on the Maax Pose tub was "about 20 inches" which has to be wrong. Seeking clarification, I contacted Maax directly. So far they have told me three different answers:

less than 12"
about 14.5"

I guess the 14.5 is the correct answer, as that sounds about right. I want a tub where the water is at least 17.5 inches deep so the Maax tub won't work.

I'm now leaning towards the Lacey or Sydney from Hydro Systems.

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I'll be able to tell you in a couple of weeks. My new house is about to be framed and I have a 66x32 Rubix going in. There's a youtube video from a supplier somewhere out west (Vancouver, maybe?) that I found helpful. Not sure if you can post youtube links here but just search for it and it should be easy to find.

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