Trouble downloading photos from deskktop

margaretohFebruary 6, 2013

Until very recently, I could download photos into anything by clicking on DESKTOP in the menu. Now when I browse DESKTOP is not an option. Any clues? Thanks.

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I have that happen to me and a clue is all I can give you. It's still up there you just have to find it. LOL Can't remember exactly how, I just clicked on the down arrows or on the names listed above, sometimes it on the second line, sometimes I have to scroll up to find it in the list. Someone will post a better answer and I will be interested in the replies.

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EmmaR - a clue is all I needed. Thank you so much. I use my desktop a lot. Joe suggested a 'system restore.; I was impatient and thus asked this question twice last night.

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margaretoh, I use my desktop for all downloads and later I cut and paste the ones I want to save to a folder in my documents. I like a clean desktop

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