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jupitergalJuly 8, 2010

I am considering using some Renovation Hardware items for my bathroom renovation. I love the look, but want to be sure I'm not sacrificing quality for looks. Does anyone have experience/knowledge about any of the following:

1. How is the quality of the faucets? Would you compare it to any other brands I might know?

2. I thought I read here in the past that the faucets were made by another company and then sold by RH. Does anyone know what company that is and how the prices compare? Are you paying more for the RH name?

3. Does anyone have one of their handheld shower fixtures? This would be for my teen daughters bathroom. They both have long hair requiring very good strong pressure for rinsing.

4. How about other items - towel bars, TP holder, etc. Do they hold up?

5. Are the mirrors and lighting good quality?

6. We are also considering using one of their vanities. I am concerned about ordering without seeing, trying drawers, etc. If you have one are you happy with the quality?

And finally I think I remember something here about orders taking quite a long time to be delivered. I don't want to have our project delayed because of waiting for delivery. Has anyone else had this experience? Also do you know if the stores carry any of the smaller items?

Thanks for any input you might have. I want to make good decisions.

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OOPS! I meant Restoration Hardware. It's late and I'm tired!!

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I have had an assortment of RESTORATION Hardware towel bars, soap dishes, etc. installed in my bathrooms for the past 10 years. All of them have held up very well, look like new. (I can't remember the name, but they don't make them anymore.)

I used that little Cartwright Demi Cabinet for years next to my bathtub. It was fairly well made and held up well. I'm sure it got splashed a fair amount and none of the wood warped.

I would be very hesitant to buy a faucet from them because I would be worried about not being able to get parts for it.

I live in Oakland so there are 3 stores within a 30 minute drive of me. My experience is that everything is in stock or came for me to pick up very quickly.

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I can't speak to the quality of any bath products because I've not tried any, but I did buy an RH dining table a the RH outlet last fall. The retail price on it was $1,400 so I wash surprised to find out it wasn't real wood. The entire top was veneered over particle board. That was just surprising to me for that original price. I got it on sale and damaged at the outlet for $400 and then modified it to suit my needs so its construction was fine for me. I guess I'd make sure to see any furniture/vanity-type products in person before deciding so you can really check the construction.

Also, if you have an RH outlet near you it may be worth a trip. I saw a lot of bathroom and lighting products on my trip there and the prices were definitely better than the regular price (not sure if it's better than the sale price on now or not but you never know!)

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We bought vanity, faucets, towel bars, TP holders, medicine cabs, shave mirror all from RH.

Ours was a DIY, middle of the line type of reno, not crazy upscale, but above the basics type of reno.

I think the quality is great. I found that for the design, the price for the faucets was excellent, the quality so far exceeded my other bathroom which was just plain old Delta. Metal parts are really metal, not painted. Very sturdy.

We are 1 year out and I have no complaints. I think the vanity is very solid, good design function, feels good to use, love the drawer inside the under sink area. Like the knobs. I really have no complaints, and I can't say that for my first bathroom which was of a more basic nature.

Would like to know the manufacturer of the faucets for sure, I had heard it was Newport Brass? but they don't have the exact same designs on their sites, so I can't be sure.

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I have a Restoration Hardware Hutton Vanity and I love it. I have a RH store in my city, so I was able to look at one of the larger versions of this vanity before I purchased. I am pleased with the quality and the appearance. I would recommend buying during the semi-annual bath sale (going on now and then again in Jan or Feb I think).

I also have the Spritz Pulls in my kitchen and I love them as well. They feel extremely solid and are really beautiful. I found them to be much more aesthetically pleasing than bar pulls I found at big box stores (Home Depot, etc).

I am also planning to purchase the Spritz Bath Hardware Collection for my bathroom now that they are on sale. (I've actually been waiting a few months for the sale.)

Overall I am very pleased with the quality of anything I've purchased or seen at Restoration Hardware. However, I did not purchase faucets there (although I really liked the look) because I was concerned about finding replacement parts. The store in my city has a huge variety of items: furniture, bedding, bathware (including vanities, faucets, hardware, towels, shower curtains, etc), lamps, etc. The sales people were not super knowledgeable when I was asking about the construction of the vanity, but they were very willing to contact the manufacturer and find out answers to any of my questions. Overall I would highly recommend RH (if you're willing to spend the money).

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We have the RH Dillon towel bars and cabinet pulls as well as the Lugarno towel bars and cabinet pulls. All of these are sturdy and well made and beautiful as well. In addition we have the Dillon rectangular pivot mirrors and think they are of good quality also. The Dillon over mirror lights are another story---don't seem to be well made and are rather fragile. According to DH, however, this is not a RH problem but a problem for all types of lighting due to the made in China factor and since I'm not touching or adjusting the lights except to change bulbs from time to time this is not problematic either.

We also have a Hutton vanity and mirror. Both are excellent for us as they are in a guest bath and don't get heavy daily use. The vanity is beautiful and was a great deal since we bought it on a very big clearance sale and added our own sink, faucets and granite top instead of using their package deal. The minor drawback of the vanity is that the drawer glides are not as smooth as they could be. Maybe I really notice this b/c the rest of the drawers in all our baths and kitchen are the Blum soft close. On the other hand DH does say he's going to get around to putting some WD 40 on them and I hope that will help.

One additional point is that I was very pleased with RH customer service. We had run into a construction delay and could not install our Dillon mirrors when we had planned. I foolishly did not open the packages and inspect the mirrors immediately and was horrified when I did open them to find one mirror was completely shattered. Although we were beyond the return date specified on the RH website they nevertheless exchanged the mirror for me at no charge.

Bottom line for us is that we feel everything we bought was a good value for us. HTH.

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flseadog ... can you post some pictures of your bathroom? It sounds lovely!

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Thanks for the great feedback. I was wondering - if the RH faucets are made by Newport Brass could you get replacement parts from them if it became necessary?

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We have Asbury towel bars, pulls, and I think the TP holder is too. We had one problem with a towel bar about a year after installation- the patina (polished nickel) spotted. RH store employee told us to polish it (we used Flitz, although DH is now happily recommending Renaissance Wax) and if it didn't work, he'd exchange it with no problem. The Flitz polish worked and we're delighted. I must admit that I'm not thrilled with DH's mounted shaving mirror-- it seems a bit wobbly. But over all I'm impressed. We paid a higher price, but it all seems good.

As to the faucets-- we chose Rohl and in the shower used Newport Brass valves. They all blend so well together, no one notices that everything isn't perfectly matched. We do have a huge bathroom, so things aren't right next to each other, but do consider using a theme and blending different lines to achieve the end result.

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