Looking for reliable double oven for non-baker

weespxxJuly 4, 2014

Hi All:

Re-doing out kitchen and am getting high end cooktop so looking to scale back on double ovens, because I am not a baker at all. Use the ovens for casseroles and maybe a zucchini break, but nothing more.

Looking for reliable, not over-the-top double ovens.

Are there any out there for someone like me?


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Yeah. Just about any oven will make a casserole or zucchini bread. Since you're going with a high end cooktop, you might be happier with a mid-range oven than a cheap one, but any cheap one that's in working order should do.

People like Electrolux and Fisher and Paykel. Less unanimous on KitchenAid, GE/Monogram and Bosch, but still plenty of enthusiasts.

Go to one of the big online retailers, like AJMadison and compare the models. Read the reviews, look at the pictures, read the specs and user manuals.

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Electrolux and Fisher Paykel are a bit much for someone who doesn't bake. I would be looking at Whirlpool, GE (just the basic line, not Monogram, Cafe, or Profile), Frigidaire (which is Electrolux but cheaper and less features, different look). I put the above brands in rentals all the time and they work absolutely fine. They hold up much better than some fancier appliances I've tried in my own home. And yes, even an avid baker can use them, although they would have a more enjoyable experience on a higher end product. I would also be looking at a single oven. Why do you need a double oven if you rarely use it anyway? Save the space and the $$$ and put it towards something you will use or appreciate. You might want to look into installing a built-in microwave if you go this single route, so that you don't have to go with an over-the-range microwave and you can get a nice hood to go with your nice cooktop.

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Thanks for the feedback. hvtech42 - the only reason going with double oven is love to entertain and can absolutely see lots of use that way.

Why don't the manufacturers just make one or two models? It is really overwhelming!

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It is overwhelming. I would stick with the basic double models no matter which brand you go with. Sounds like you don't need convection or a probe or anything like that. Most of the chronic problems with ovens have been in high end brands, although Whirlpool was having issues with the self clean cycle blowing a thermal fuse a while back, but those have been fixed. However, now there have been some complaints about the fans being noisy in the new Whirlpool ovens.

I assume you want stainless steel, 30 inches? I'll also assume you want self cleaning in both ovens, not just the top. Here are some models to check out. I also included pllog's recommendations above, which seem to be great ovens from the feedback we've gotten here on GardenWeb, but I think might be a little overkill for you.

Electrolux EI30EW45JS - MSRP $3199 (also makes Frigidaire listed below)
Electrolux EW30EW65GS - MSRP $3549 (same as above but has cooler "wave touch" control panel that lights up only the controls that are needed and fades out when not being used)

Fisher & Paykel OB30DDEPX2 - couldn't find MSRP but most places online had it for $4699

Bosch HBL5551UC - MSRP $2599

GE JT3500SFSS - MSRP $2299

Frigidaire FFET3025LS - MSRP $2099 (being phased out)
Frigidaire FFET3025PS - newer version of above (they are switching factories)
Kenmore 49443 - MSRP $2299 (same as above)

Whirlpool WOD51EC0AS - MSRP $2099
Maytag MEW7630AS - they're phasing it out (same thing inside as above, but different look)
Maytag MEW7630DS - MSRP $2149 (new version of above, they're changing the look)

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How about a single wall oven and a speed oven?

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^ That is an excellent idea. If you go with a speed oven, I think there are 4 major brands to look at: Miele, Bosch, Electrolux, and GE. Not long ago I was looking at speed ovens for an upcoming "mini-renovation" to my kitchen. I ended up deciding to go without because I wanted to save space and money, but here's what I remember from my research:

GE Advantium: Made in Korea by LG. Good reviews. Cooks with halogen lights, convection, and microwave energy.

Electrolux: Made in USA by Sharp. Fewer reviews than GE, but the ones I did see were excellent. Cooks with convection and microwave energy. This is what I would have went with had I purchased a speed oven.

Bosch: No clue where it's made. It's a brand new product so it has no track record, although Bosch has been well-liked in the past. Cooks with convection, a broil element, and microwave energy.

Miele: Made in Germany, of course. Good reviews. Cooks with convection, a broil element, and microwave energy. This one cost significantly more than the other 3 and it was hard for me to see why it was worth it. The menu based cooking interface, supposed higher quality, and looks would not have been enough for me to pay an extra $1k, but opinions of others may differ.

The good news about buying any of the above speed ovens is that the manufacturers also have excellent wall ovens that you can put underneath if you like matching appliances.

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