uploading problems from desktop

margaretohFebruary 6, 2013

When I try to upload a photo into any program, I used to be able to click on DESKTOP from the menu. All of a sudden, the desktop option is not listed as an option. Any clue? Thanks in advance.

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I would try a System Restore to a time when it was working.


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Joe, I will do that when I have someone here to do it for me. I know I should be able to do it myself! Thank you. I was able to find my Desktop again by clicking around. So my immediate problem is solved.

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Your subject line gave me a chuckle. Why would you need to upload problems from your desktop? I had to read to find out.

How did those problems get to your desktop? Do you need an app for that? Can I put my problems there, too? Once they are uploaded, will the cloud keep them away?

English is such a fun language.

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Dear Susan, I used to have a mind and then I got old!!! I find that I can't get away from problems so storing them on my desktop is a great idea. I can pick and choose!! Sunshine in Ohio today so the cloud is not an issue! English is fun. Thanks for the smiles.

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