Plug-in Portable Induction Cooktop vs. 22k btu Pro Range

mkoplmnJuly 31, 2014

Which do you think is more powerful?

An 1800 watt plug-in induction cooktop or a 22k btu burner on a pro style range?

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22k burner. Though there is a conversion formula out there somewhere but I'm too lazy to look it up.

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The Induction Site:

BTU/hour = kW x 3413 x Eind/Egas (E=efficiency)

They list the equivalent power of a 1900 W medium element in a cooktop at over 13,600 BTU/hr.

The power doesn't tell the whole story, however. It depends on what you're heating, what you're cooking, etc. More power generally gives you a faster heat up and a faster return to heat, but cooking is cooking and how much faster you can incinerate the food isn't at issue. Big power is mostly for heating heavy pans fast, boiling lots of water, returning woks to heat as cool ingredients are added, and, a variation on that theme, barely searing meats without cooking the insides. Hollandaise is about whisking quickly but gently over low heat. Pasta boils at the same temperature no matter what the power. Etc.

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My "Fire Breathing Dragon" outdoor DCS open burner gas cooktop can't begin to keep up with a race to boil water, even compared to the smallest hob on my Elux Icon Induction Cooktop.

As pillog mentions. "Power doesn't tell the whole story"!

First the efficiency of gas is less than half of induction, (the portion of the energy that actually ends up in the pot/pan).

Most souces quote gas at a little less that 40%, (Typically 38%) whilst souces quote induction efficiency at over 80%, (as I recall).

From experience, I can tell you, that when some idiot hit a power pole and and I had to use that "Dragon" outside, I thought the water was never gonna get hot for my coffee!
I fell asleep, (Smack Dab in the middle of the back yard)~~~~waiting~~~~~~and waiting~~~~~for my morning coffee!!!


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