Toilet Paper Holder Placement

louisianaloverJuly 11, 2009

Our contractor put the toilet paper holder in the oddest place in our guest bathroom. I think there is room to put the holder on the vanity. What does everyone else think? Should I ask for it to be moved to the vanity?

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OMG Â That is so funny! Next time I use the facilities, IÂll have to see if I could even reach that spot! But, even if one could, I doubt your guests would ever think to look there for the TP. Poor things will be sitting there wonder what to do!

IMO Â there is plenty of room on the vanity which IMO is the logical place to put it. :-)


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Maybe the contractor didn't want to drill holes in the vanity, or maybe the detailing on the side of the vanity would mean the holder wouldn't be able to be placed in a good spot.

That is an awkward spot, but if it won't work on the vanity, I think a better solution would be a freestanding holder.

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wow, that is really funny! It should go in this folder of construction this one.

Of course, it should go on the vanity. I dont think the vanity would mind a civilized solution to the problem.

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I went back out to the house this afternoon and this is what I saw in another of the bathrooms. Who puts the toilet paper holder in that area? This is getting really weird. I will have to talk to the contractor to see what is going on!

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The contractor should be asking you where you want hardware placed. Can't believe he thinks that's an accessible location.

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I am reposting this photo as it was removed from my previous post. (I am new to posting so I still in the learning phases.) I agree with the previous poster about the fact that the contractor should have asked us where we wanted the toilet paper holders installed. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about it! It's funny it happened in two of the bathrooms. The other two bathrooms' toilet paper holders were installed in a normal place on the wall.

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I am the one with the toilet paper holder problem. I emailed the photos to the contractor and asked him about this and he emailed me back that they couldn't put the toilet paper holders on the vanity because the raised panels wouldn't support the holder. He did suggest swapping out the two position holder for a one position holder which should work on the vanity. Thank goodness there is a solution!

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Oh my God!! LOL!!! I am going to have to show this to my GC and tell him where we want ours! Sometimes this forum is a real hoot!

BTW louisianalover, I lived in Louisiana for years and love it too!

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OMG!! Great comic relief (pardon the pun)!

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He obviously didn't want to drill into the vanities so picked the next best spot (at least in his mind).

If it were me, I would get a floor model and call it good.

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OMG was he high? LOL

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I am the one with the problem of the placement of the toilet paper holders in two of the bathrooms in our new home. We had our walk-through Monday evening and I noticed that they had been removed from the wall but the replacement holders had not yet been installed on the vanities. If all goes well this week, we will have possession of the house by the weekend! I will post new photos of the bathrooms with the toilet paper holders on the vanities (I hope!).

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LOL! That's funny! Ours is mounted on the vanity downstairs. It's a one bracket kind. He mounted it with a piece of wood bracing it inside the vanity so it wouldn't pull on it or rip out.

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Was it ever fixed? I'm in the design stages of my bathroom and we were trying to decide where to put the toilet paper holder. The logical spot for me is the vanity but the designer did not want to drill into the vanity. The other option is on the opposite wall which is a little distance.

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The problem of the toilet paper holders was corrected. The problem was as everyone thought, they didn't want to put them on the vanity because they wouldn't hold properly because of the panels. They were swapped out with the kind where the toilet paper slips on and off a hook and they could be installed on the vanity. When I get time, I'll take photos and post them. Even though the problem of the toilet paper holder placement has been corrected, I have yet for the contractor to come back and take care of the wall where they were taken off. He filled in the holes but painted with the wrong paint. He is aware of this but hasn't come back to correct it. We just moved into our home and I've been too busy unpacking and working to call him and remind him about all the little things that need to be taken care of.

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More likely it was just quicker to put it on the wall. We have this type of holder and it comes with some nice drywall fasteners. On the vanity, they could have drilled the holes and then swapped out the fasteners for some small nuts and bolts - and these would hold forever.

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Louisianalover - Thanks for posting this. 2 days ago my GC asked me where I wanted my TP holder - it went on the vanity. This morning, I printed that picture to show him how much I appreciated him asking!! We both had a good laugh. I'm glad you got some resolution.

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If I walked into my bathroom and saw that - I would have to say "you have GOT to be joking! I am going through a remodel and have had certains "bumps" in the road but looking at that just made me crack up laughing. Of course it should be on the return panel of the vanity. I have that same situation in my house.

If you had guests over, they would wonder how in the heck do you take care of business as most people would never think to look behind their "behind" on the back wall for goodness sake.

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