Roof and Insulation in - Water leak

madcityfishJune 21, 2013

I realize during construction the site is exposed to the elements however my house has a shingled roof on it, windows and is isulated. I stopped by today to check on things and noticed the second floor vapor barrier over the insulation was bowing. There is a puddle of water plus condenstaion. It is leaking through the second story floor and the main floor has a 6' puddle. I am assuming during this phase of construction no water should be getting in. There are stacks of drywall inside the home waiting to be installed. None of it is wet - yet. I have a message to my builder about this but I am wondering if I should be looking for anything in particular once they say it is fixed to be sure it really is before we close.

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Anxious to hear how your builder responds. It could tell the tale about the overall quality of your new home.
If he's evasive and/or dismissive, and says something like, "oh, this is completely normal", you should immediately see huge red flags before your eyes.
Good luck.

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If it has windows, where are they? I don't see any in this pic.

Point #2, you need to obsessively educate yourself about how windows are flashed properly, and flashing in general. Many builders don't do it correctly and it's the "silent killer" of homes down the road. Water is your enemy, you need to personally know how to fight it and not rely on your builder for that.

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The builders response was "we're handling it." its still leaking!

The window is behind the plastic. With the light coming in you cant see it very well.

Thank you for the feedback I will call and pester them more today.

Also, we are 20 days away from close and this is the condition of the house.

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You are not 20 days away from close. Start working on your contingency plan.

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"Also, we are 20 days away from close and this is the condition of the house."

No... you are not.

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Perhaps OP means closing on contract of spec in progress?

Besides the water intrusion, there are at least two other concerns to me in this photo. The big concern to me is the interior poly vapor barrier. This is generally only used in the most extreme northern climates (or enforced by buiding depts stuck in the past). Most codes will accept paint as the vapor retarder requirement. Interior plasitc VB can cause serious problems. It also tells us that there is probably no continuous insulation on the outside of your sheathing which is the best way to insulate. If you have foam sheathing out there, the interior plastic definitely needs to be removed.

Second, the insulation behind the tub. It appears to have some batts in place prior to tub install which is good but best practice is to use some type of rigid product to form a better air barrier at this vulnerable location. Perhaps the plastic is serving this purpose and extends behind the tub but its hard to tell.

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Thanks for all of your input. I will look into all of this further.

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