For those of you with the Kohler cast iron shower pans....

joannembJuly 3, 2012

Which one do you prefer, the Purist or Kathryn? Is the only difference between the two the no-slip grip design? If so, for those of you who have seen both in person, which do you think would be easier to clean? Which looked nicer (less obvious) in person? I have to order from online, and it's soooo difficult to see in the pictures. Thanks so much!

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We have the Purist. I think the only difference is the no-slip grip design, which is probably no different with regards to cleaning. We just preferred the look. I generally clean the shower pan with my bathroom cleaner. For stubborn stains/discoloration, I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

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We have the Purist in 36x48" and I didn't see them in person, either. The only surprise was that the pan didn't go to the floor in front. You have to ut a 2x4 under the front edge and then tile along the front edge (we used tile that had a cove base to it).

We still don't have shower doors, sadly, so I can't tell you how well it works just yet :)

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On the site, it looks like there is one with a front "apron"?? Ours is tiled along the front edge. We opted to use the white shower surround tiles (cut down to fit), but could have gone with our travertine floor tile if we had preferred.

Some pics:


Diagram (DH drawn, Bill V. approved!):

A couple of bathroom/shower pan pics:

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Oh, the pan I was thinking of (with "apron") doesn't appear to be cast iron--sorry!!!

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Hi All. Since our shower will be next to a vanity I might like to build a pony wall along the front. How could one treat the interior of that wall that will not have a tile flange?

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we decided on a pony wall so bought a CI pan that had a flange on 3 sides rather than just 2...

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Thanks Bee but I'm confused. Doesn't it come with a 3 sided flange? The smalll pony wall would therefore be on the fourth side. Yes?

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hmmm... the ones we looked at had either 2 flanges or 3 (2 would be if you had a shower built with 2 glass walls...) the flanges are only on the sides where there is drywall... how would you get into a shower that had a pony wall on the 4th side???

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The pony wall would only be about 22 inches wide. And on another note.......when I look at cat mom's picture above of the tile flange area, it seems they back cut the backerboard a bit to allow the tile to lie flat. yes?

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I have the exact same question as you do. We were thinking of a cast iron shower pan 36 X60 in an alcove next to a vanity. We also wondered if a pony wall could be built on the step in ledge on the front of the CI pan. We would probably have about a 30 inch opening for a door.

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We installed Kohler Salient (36x60) in Basalt in alcove to replace 32x60 tub, and it looks very nice. It is easy to clean, the non-slip grips are very non-slip, no cleaning issues whatsoever. We also installed Maax Mechanix shower door which is super heavy, so I'm glad we went with cast iron option.

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karencon... i think we are using the word flange and describing two different things... i think the flange is cast iron 'extensions' (or whatever term you want to use) that are on the sides that the drywall goes on.... so there are kohler cast iron pans that have either 2 sides with a flange or 3 sides with a flange, depending on which type of shower was being installed..... i don't think the picture that catmom shows is a cast iron pan - you won't tile on the front curb where the door is with a cast iron pan --

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Bee. This is a picture of a tiling flange on the two long walls of this neo angle. Cat mom's picture is the Kohler Kathryn I think. The Kohler's specs I've seen on line offer a drop in without a tile flange and a built in version with three sides flanged for the tile to come over as in the diagrams above. I'm just wondering whether a pony wall could go over the curbed front that will not come with that tile flange as it seems Karenseb is also questioning.I think maybe I should have started a new thread (thought I was) as it seems the other posters are no longer watching this thread. Can't right now but maybe Karenseb could start a new thread on this. Thanks for hanging in there.

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I plan to build a curbless (ADA roll-in) shower. I don't need to build up a curb or tile the entrance. Just as an FYI, I will never have a curbed shower again. It is a trip hazard and my friends that need canes/walkers/wheelchairs (some of them injured as children and young adults) cannot get past them. Limits resale to have a curbed shower. The curb itself is the problem, not necessarily the size of the shower. I think that is why most alcove/corner shower pans are being designed to be curbless on one side--makes it 'universally' accessible. Also, it is very easy to waterproof the entire bathroom floor these days. No curb or curtain or glass is actually needed, which saves lots of money and helps it dry out much faster!

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