Hot Chocolate Bar

oldalgebraDecember 5, 2012

Hot Chocolate Bars seem to be all over the internet these days.
I'm wondering if they're an extension of the Candy Bars that have come to be so popular at wedding receptions.

At any rate, I saw one that used an old bottle carrier on the blog
Clean and Scentsible and had to try my hand at one like it.

I already had a carrier I used on my patio table
(which is probably why the Clean and Scentsible one caught my eye), . . .

, , , so I gathered up some sweet stuff and set one up in the kitchen.

The chalkboard is a piece of cardboard with chalkboard paint and red duct tape.

Here's a closeup of some of the goodies. I made the red bottle stoppers, but don't like them.
I've ordered some big, fat corks to keep the chocolate mix and marshmallows fresh.

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Yum, Yum!
This is a really cool idea.
I love the polka dot spoons.
What time does the bar open?
Baileys and chocolate sound delicious.

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OA, it's the little things like this that makes
us Miss You sooooo much when you are busy doing
other things and not playing here with us.LOL
Your Cocoa Bar is adorable!!! Love how you made
the sign out of cardboard and duct tape!Amazing
Each item has a lable/tag that is so cute. You
truly are a Talented/Creative lady. Just love
this. Two different stir sticks to boot.WoW
I'll be smiling all day over this one.

Jane, we need the bus! I think it's time
to pay a visit to OA and enjoy her and the
Hot Chocolate Bar! So glad you shared.


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I love your set-up. It's whimsical AND functional. Great job!

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Oh what fun! Looks so warm & cozy for sharing on a cold Winter's day! That carrier is perfect for all the goodies ... & of course, your creative art just makes it super special! I'm lookin' for the 'Elves' ...they must be around there somewhere enjoyin' this 'Hot Chocolate Bar!' (Hey, I'm wondering can 'Elves' read your chalk board? Ohhhh...of course, they can...
What's the first thing elves learn in school?
The "elf"-abet!)

I haven't ever seen a 'Hot Chocolate Bar' but will look at the link you shared for the idea ... I did notice all the yummy choices yesterday at Gordmann's! TFS, OA! Love it! Jeanne S.

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Yes, Fun, it has already seen its first customers. My grandchildren were busy stirring up their concoctions yesterday, after homework was completed.
My husband said, "Just skip the chocolate and give me the Baileys." Some people are no fun at all.

Jeanne, I'm going to use the elf joke with the kids today. They're just the right age for that sort of thing. (Actually, I never grew out of liking silly, one-liner jokes.)

Sorry that the pictures are so yucky. Just used my phone. Want to get this idea out there in case someone had missed it and would like to set one up for their guests - big and small.

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Oldalgebra, Give the Grinch some Bailey's...quick...and maybe he will turn into a jolly old elf. LOL!

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I absolutely love this idea - TFS .....


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Marlene Kindred

Looks delicious! I'll be right over!

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DE-lightfully DE-licious....and its great to have you back showing us your Oh-So_Amazing creations! Wooo Hoooo.

hugs, Karen

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Oh great...that's all I needed to see this hr of the night....
CHOCOLATE and you've got my favorites too!
Love what you did...but that sure wouldn't last a day
with me
I agree with good to have you back with your
fun creations.

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OA, now look what you've done!! I have to start searching for an old bottle carrier because this is just tooooo darn cute for words! Love the chalkboard sign. Now I'm going to go have a cup of hot chocolate because this is making me drool on my keyboard. The red tray is the perfect "understatement!" LOL

Did you make your labels? If so, how??

I think this falls under my category of:
"I love it, I want it, I have to have it!"

Dagnabit, now where am I going to put it once I find all the pieces? I need to be Christmas shopping and now its all your fault that I will be looking for hot chocolate bar items instead!! Yup, I'm blaming you, but also very glad you shared this clever and cute idea! Plus, I am going to have to buy chalkboard paint! (although I was going to do that anyway because of your clever patio menu board!)

TFS (I think?) TeeHee,

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Thanks for the positive comments, everyone.

CC, you are a kick. I know that you have the creativity and artistic ability to take this idea and improve upon it in a major way. I just copied what I saw.

I forgot to mention that I placed a two inch cube (painted red for the holidays) under each bottle in the back row to give them extra height.

I did make the labels.
1, Typed in something (Christmas tags, maybe?) into the Google search engine and clicked on images.
2. Found a round tag I liked. Imported it into my paint program (GIMP is free for both PCs and Macs).
3. Erased the inside lettering.
4. Typed in the words I needed.
5. Printed them out on heavy paper.

For the chocolate labels,
1. I went to the William Sonoma website and found where they were selling hot chocolate mix.
2. I grabbed the pictures of their products (They sell three flavors), cut a circle out around the words on the pictures, and inserted them into the round tags.

Make sense?????

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We're having 'Santa' here on the 21st to visit the grands.
My Honey and I were talking yesterday about serving hot chocolate, etc.

I am going to steal this idea.
I LOVE it.

You are so creative.


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