New Alarm System Cost

mrwilsonJune 28, 2013

The home currently doesn't have an alarm system installed... Does the below price seem fair?

1 Honeywell Vista 20P alarm panelâÂÂ1 Interior Siren
1 Honeywell Vista 6150RF keypadâÂÂ1 Backup battery
18 Windows contactedâÂÂ1 Motion detector
4 Doors contactedâÂÂ4 Glass detectors
Cost: $1875.00, plus tax.

PLUS....FIRE and SAFETY DEVICES (Hardwired and connected to alarm system)

Smoke Detectors (6)- $450
Carbon Monoxide (3) - $420

total: $2,745

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Sounds high to me but I'm in TN mine is costing $1450 for10 windows 7 doors 3 smoke and fire and one motion. Panel with cellular card (not sure if we are going to get ma bell or not) interior and exterior sirens and two keypads and pre wired for a third. When I was getting prices you learn real quick to stay away from the ADT type companies they are outrageous and want you to sign a three year contract. I had two quotes within 20 bucks of the 1450 so I just went with the company that has worked with my builder before.

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In my area it costs about $80 per window + the cost of everything else.

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Just looking at my invoice from electrician and my alarm system was $240. All doors wired and motion detectors throughout. Also have little remotes (key fobs) to control everything....which I thought was cool.

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