Appliance connection problem... anyone dealt with them?

deedlesJuly 30, 2013

Ordered a Tradewind hood insert from AC 4 days ago. 2 Days ago DH took down the ceiling and discovered not enough headroom for the 10" vent so figured we'd stop the order and order the smaller vented model. Called and placed the new order and cancelled the 4 day old one.

Got a call back from George who told me it's a special order and cannot be cancelled. No where on the page for the insert does it say special order nor does it say special order when you place it in the cart. He says I was informed this was a special order when they sent me the CC verification email. Really don't remember seeing that but now the link in the email to the CC verification doesn't work as I've already completed the verification.

My email receipt for the CC verification says nothing about this being a special order. The only mention of special order is down in the general returns info section. Nothing specific to this order.

My estimated delivery date is August 30th. I said "George, no way is this thing in production already... can't you please stop that order and substitute this other one for us?" Nope. Too bad for you, you were informed of this says George.

Um. What to do? Called Trade Wind and they said this is an AC policy, they have nothing to do with it on their end.

Anyone have any ideas or experience dealing with Appliance Connection?

I could stop payment through the CC and order directly from Tradewind?

Here is a link that might be useful: hood insert--don't see 'special order' anywhere.

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I would call my CC company immediately. Your CC company will advise you on the steps to take to cancel the transaction, which may include sending written notification to Appliance Connection and refusing to accept delivery of the product if they ignore you and ship anyway. They will likely want you to send them a letter stating the facts. If is is possible to generate a "print screen" showing that there is nothing stating that you hood is a special order, do so.

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I did call them. They said that I can only dispute the charge after it posts (tomorrow).

And now, AC has sent me an invoice for the second vent that I ordered when the initial customer service lady told me 'no problem' to cancelling the first one. So I call the CC company back and they also cannot refuse payment if AC sends through the charge for the second fan. Oy vey.

I did manage to find my way to someone named Robert at AC, he promised me he'll get this resolved in one hour and is calling me back by noon today. Apparently, from what I understand (it's confusing) once you accept the invoice and verify the charge EVERYTHING is then considered a 'special order' and can't be cancelled?

I have a headache.

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I ordered a freezer from them several years ago and had no problems what-so-ever. About a year ago, we went back to them for our new washer and dryer and, after measuring and based on the information on their website, also ordered the pedestals. Well, the height of the pedestals was mis-stated by about 2" ... Which meant that the washer and dryer couldn't be used with them in our configuration (missed by less than 1/2"). I ended up sending them endless documentation--including LG's own site which correctly lists the heights vs theirs that does not--photos of the pedestals next to a ruler and more photos showing it wouldn't fit, etc. At first they were like, 'No problem,' we'll take it back, but then I got an RMA that stated I'd have to pay a restocking fee, ship them back at my own expense AND a $50 coupon I'd used on the entire order (washer+dryer+pedestals) would come out of any refund on the pedestals alone. In short, it was gonna cost me more to return them then I'd get back, all for an acknowledged and documented error in their listing. (They claimed they weren't responsible for how products were displayed/advertised on their site.)

In the end, after much back and forth, I did have to go to a credit card dispute and, at that point, the matter did, eventually, get resolved. Not necessarily in the manner I had hoped--I didn't pay for return shipping, but did pay a restocking fee on the pedestal that had been unboxed to discover it didn't fit--but at least with some finality.

As an aside, talked later to a friend who, coincidentally, had also ordered from them. It was a wine cabinet and, even though their card was charged, four months later they still didn't have their order and Appliance Connection kept moving the supposed delivery date and blaming the manufacturer. They had also had to go to their credit company to get a refund, even though they never did receive anything.

Good luck!

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I had a bad experience with AC which I posted in the thread linked below. Their customer service is just awful.


Here is a link that might be useful: appliances connection

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Sorry, been gone for a few days. Long story short, we got both inserts cancelled. They even cancelled the 'special order' insert when I demanded they show me where it said 'special order'. I'm never ordering from them again after this excitement. This reminds me of a good reason to shop locally....

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I was suppose to receive a range from them today. It came with a big dent in the top so I refused the order. The customer service person tried to get me to take it anyway...and they would send someone out in a week to repair it but I did not feel comfortable doing that. I have no idea when I will now get the new one.

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Sorry for your trouble. We've decided to steer clear of them. I hope it works out well for you.

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Appliance Connection keeps calling trying to get us to accept the damaged range and have them fix it. We refused the order 4 days ago, because of the damage.

They told me today I cannot reorder one because they do not want to take the chance of me rejecting another damaged one! I have to wait for the refund...for a week.

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Good, take your refund to the next store and get a good stove. What I went through and what you are going through cements it for me on that outfit. I would never recommend them... to the contrary. It seems lots of people get their orders right but they just are sketchy in their dealings with people.

You know, they sent me a 10.00 coupon towards my next purchase from them... IF I go to a certain review website and give them a positive review. Oh, and prove to them that it's my review...hahaha.... wow.

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I ordered a washer -dryer from them in January. 4 months later it still had not shipped.They gave me the run around. I ended up filing a dispute with my CC company. Luckily I had used American Express. AE told me not to worry they refunded my money and took care of it. I suggest not ordering a thing from them. Shady Business.. We order lots of things online due to where we live. I had never come across a company like them.

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