Bathroom Fixture Finish Dilemma...Advice needed please!!

its4tinaJuly 7, 2012

Our forever home is currently under construction, and I'm concerned about the master bathroom. We ordered a pedestal tub with the a very prominent chrome faucet (british telephone faucet) that sticks up from the middle of the tub. I thought that was great until I started picking out things for the rest of the bathroom like the sink faucets, mirrors, sconces, cabinet hardware, and towel bars. The sconces and hardware I adore only come in polished nickel. The faucets and mirrors are from RH, and I had the option of ordering in either finish. I am also hanging an antique brass and crystal chandelier over the tub. After much debate, I put my order in today for faucets, pivot mirrors, sconces, cabinet hardware, and a towel train rack in polished nickel. I decided to keep everything consistent in the vanity area and thought the polished nickel finish would help tie in the brass chandelier also.

Here is my dilemma. Do you think the chrome tub hardware will stick out and look odd in a bathroom full of polished nickel? Should I leave it or try to exchange it for the polished nickel? It could be challenging exchanging it because the builder actually purchased it for liability purposes. But with some work and convincing, I might be able to swing it.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Your bathroom sounds lovely so I hope you'll be posting pictures of it! If it were me, I'd try to get the tub faucet finish switched to polished nickel, even paying a restock fee if necessary...I think that the warmth of the polished nickel would look amazing and really compliment your pedestal tub and your other fixtures. Many people do mix chrome and PN so it certainly isn't wrong to do so. We're renovating a bathroom that has had those mixed finishes for the past few years... I never stopped noticing the difference, even if no one else might have. Since this is your forever home, that's a long time to live with a compromise...IF you think it would bother YOU.

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treasuretheday---Thank you so much for your kind post and great advice. I agree with you that I should try to exchange the tub fixutre. Wish me luck tomorrow because it's high on my agenda to get done. You are so right about how I will always notice it if I don't switch it out.

I will post pics once we finish everything is finished. How exciting for you to be renovating your bathroom. I would love to see pictures of your renovation.

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Just wanted to say I agree. I like mixing finishes actually because I prefer a vintage feel and sometimes matchy matchy can read as too modern. However, the 2 finishes I think you really can't match well are chrome and polished nickel. Instead of looking like you did it purposely, it looks like you are trying to pass one off for the other. They aren't different enough to 'blend' them, so you're only option is to pass them off as the same. They ARE close enough that if you have small items, they would be fine.... In my half bath, the toilet paper holder and the rim around these little porcelain knob/hooks are polished nickel and everything else is chrome. There is so little of the nickel that I think I'm the only one who notices it (but believe me, I do notice it and it bugs me LOL.) I just think that the tub fixture is a LOT of chrome, and you couldn't try to pass them off as the same.

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joannemb--Thanks so much for your feedback. You hit the nail on the head when you said it will look like I am trying to pass one off for the other. I am glad this forum allows me to connect with others like myself. My husband thinks I am insane for even giving this a second thought. LOL

I hope it all works out for the exchange. I will call the tub company tomorrow and then beg my builder to allow me to do the exchange. Sigh....if only I had caught this before they shipped it last Wednesday. I guess that's what I get for waiting for the RH Annual Bed and Bath Event.

I'll be sure and post an update tomorrow.

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treasuretheday and joannemb---Thanks again for weighing in yesterday. The builder and the tub company allowed me to exchange the tub fixtures as long as I covered all of the shipping and additional cost. I welcomed the opportunity and sent it all back today.

The shower head is only offered in chrome. So I figured I can live with that because the glass and distance from the vanity should make it okay.

Thanks again!!!

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Awesome... I'm glad that worked out for you! You'll probably be fine with the chrome showerhead but, if it does end up bothering you, it's probably one of the easiest and cheapest things to replace!

Do post pictures of your room as it comes together... we LOVE pictures! ;-)

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