Christmas Decorating DONE!

PurplemoonDecember 13, 2010

I quit. LOL. Rest is getting packed. Besides, I think I've run out of room! Unfortunately as there are 4 porcelain Santas I REALLY wanted to display and just NO place to set them up. :o(

Its kind of scary how much I repacked this year too.

Anyway, added 43 more photos in my album. So grab a cup of coffee or something and enjoy (I hope).

For some reason, Photobucket is still not letting me "organize" the pictures in this album nor is the slideshow working. Things are fine on my other albums so I don't know why those two features don't work now on this one.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: My Christmas Decorations

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Alright, alright...I'm dragging the boxes down today. You've inspired me.

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Bravo Karen - Well done!!!!!!

It's so nice seeing your new finds acquired throughout the yr, and your old treasures too on display in your many vignettes.
You have some amazing collections!

Also, you must love doing it--because that's a lot of work for anybody, and even more so w/your physical restrictions.
From somebody w/arthritis...phew!


PS - I'm simplifying this yr due to the Terror Trio(3 teenage cats) that I suspect may bring my big tree down given a chance--so instead I'm going to decorate a few smaller trees and use things that won't get broken.
Last yr Panda thought glass ornies were his new cat toys.
It'll be fun to change things up too, as I have a few new things to display this yr.

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WOW !!!! Everything looks so awesome. SO festive. Love all of the "bits" of purple. Your nutcracker collection is so wonderful. Now grab a cup of coffee and relax and enjoy !! You deserve it after all of that work.

Thanks for sharing,

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GOSH!!! Karen what can I say? Fantastic, Fabulous, Wonderful, Lovely, Charming. I can't think of any more adjectives, but I think you get the idea!
Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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Karen, I did exactly that--got my cup of coffee and viewed all your decor pics. You have so many beautiful pieces and you've used them in such darling vignettes. I'm going to come back with pen and paper in hand and look again so I can comment on things. It's after nine o'clock and I'm still sitting here in my robe because I've spent so much time looking and drooling! I've got to get moving--be back soon. Luvs

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oh WOW - what an inspiration - you decorate like I do - everything that has a flat surface - LOVE IT. That was such a pleasant tour of your home this morning - now I must get back to work on my place but boy do I have a bunch of new ideas - oh and I enjoyed seeing some of the fall decorations again - TFS - .....


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like lynne above, OH WOW! I am still lookin' but had to post this pic from your album, purplemoon...of course, you had to know that I would LOVE this:

I do a similiar vignette in a basket under my G'ma's old treadle sewing machine! Love yours!!!

Your bathroom is so pretty ... I posted your BOP pic on the old thread. :-) ...
Jeanne S.

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Jim, thank you so much for your compliment on my collections. Coming from YOU, that is high praise and means a lot! You have such incredible things! I imagine the cold weather makes your arthritis worse, I just hope your hands don't hurt so bad that it makes your decorating difficult.
I think its very wise to not put up your big tree this year with little terrorist trio. LOL. I remember how Panda enjoyed the glass ornies last year too. (Jazz is being so good about this Christmas its almost scary! I
keep waiting for him to turn into the Cat of Mass Destruction he was before). Of course I did spray a lot of things with the Pine Sol-Water bottle at first. LOL

Thank you, Gang, for wading thru so many photos. And your wonderful comments. Its so great to share things with you.

Jeanne, I appreciate you adding my BOTP one to the other thread. I had done this post at 4am, and was starting to
cave in. Today, knowing I'm done except for some repacking, should be worth celebrating. Instead I feel like a semi-truck hit me, followed by a steam roller.
(my DH just shakes his head and can't figure out why I love Christmas decorating so much.)

Hugs and Happy Holidays,

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Kudos, you have been one decorating whirlwind, I know you are glad to get it all done. Here are a few of my favorite things.... love the blue bath, the Santa, the jars the garland all above it, wonderful... the sleigh and horse are so cool...and the silver deer and tree and on and on and on. Great job Karen.

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WOW, purplemoon...I just went back & finished looking goodness, woman...take a few days off & rest & ENJOY! (I know you'll sneak in a "tweek" or two!) LOL!

Your PURPLE foyer is beautiful ... I love how you've used that color for Christmas & Winter decor! And your Santa's...oh my, you have some really, really sweet ones! (esp that big one!) & the polar bear, too!

It's hard to choose a fav but I am still loving your mantle of "nutcrackers" ...that is gorgeous & I always enjoy your dog statues in your decor! Thanks for posting & I wish the slide show worked also...don't know the answer to that. Jeanne S.

I'm posting that fav Santa on your hearth, Purplemoon! Love this arrangement!

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All of your decorations are just stunning. I love the bathroom decorations. Your greenery in there is amazing and I love your blue santa and cloches. Love the mantel and the way you stung the bead garland on it.

Enjoyed seeing all of your purple decorations. The silver deer with tude and silver ball tree are great. Which reminds me I really liked the other deer too.

You have so many cute santas and all the tables are so pretty. I will keep coming back to enjoy all your hard work. BTW, love the kitty pic and I've felt like that before too. Oh, the santa bunnies and santa riding the bunny with the gold ball tree is great.

You should take a break after all this great decorating you've done. I didn't mention everything but I love all of it.


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Karen, I wish I had a fourth of your energy. I have gotten off to a slow start this year. So far, I have finished 4 small trees completely decorated. I have had so many problems with strings of lights this year. I'm hoping to finish by the weekend if I'm lucky. What does not get up will have to stay packed away this year.

I so love your nutcrackers!!!

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Karen, I looked at all, I mean ALL your xmas decor & then my computer locked up & I was trying to remember all I had seen.

So, if I miss anything, please forgive!!!

The purple entryway is very pretty, even doggie has a matching collar, can't leave him out & the tree & wreath & the silvers with it, just lovely!

The reindeer vignette & the chest are neat too & the fireplace, OK, now I've forgotten half of what I've seen.

Oh, the sugar & creamer do look great with that cookie jar, the chef Santa's with the little tree look perfect.

Oh, did you try lighting up your poinsettias in the fireplace, was wondering how you like them.

I will have to go look again at all your pictures, took me forever to reboot & now I've forgotten half of what I wanted to comment on! GRRRRR.

I'll check it again tomorrow, need to get some sleep, it's late, but I did love all of your decor!

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I sure feel great when I come here and read all the sweet things. It definitely makes the work worth it to share with y'all. My two sons, and DH, could care less. Tho my DD and DDIL came over and said it looked really nice. (My Dad loves Christmas decor and especially the Village.)
I had to laugh, yesterday a couple of friends stopped by.
One absolutely hates Christmas, she doesn't decorate at all.. or even enjoy giving gifts (its a chore to her). The other one is Jewish, LOL. So not exactly an appreciative audience. Thank goodness for you guys.

Yacht, the poinsettia is lit up in my fireplace, looks wonderful, and I love it. You find me the neatest things!
That fireplace is open to both living-room and family-room, so I can enjoy it twice as much!

Nhardy, the one thing I totally do NOT have is energy! Its taken me weeks, starting a few days before Thanksgiving, and I didn't actually finish some of the things I wanted to do. Garlands mostly. I decorate without energy by using a lot of determination! Fibromyalgia causes not-stop pain and over-whelming exhaustion every day. As several of our gang here knows all too well. We just have to force ourselves to do things at times. I love Christmas too much to let Fibro win out over the decorating.
Fighting with garland is bad enough, strings of lights are absolutely the pits! A few years ago, I began leaving the lights on my trees and wreaths when I packed them away. So I don't have to do all that work each year. And slowly
I am replacing them with pre-lit things.
I'm glad you like the Nutcracker collection. Until a few years ago, I never liked Nutcrackers at all. I sure converted in a big way. LOL. But neither my DD or DDIL like them, so I told them they better 'learn to' or they'll be having the biggest Nutcracker Yard Sale in Az.

hugs, Karen

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Well, ya know, I was absolutely crazy about those Breyer horses again. You do a great job incorporating them into a Christmas setting. Can a 50 something lady start playing with horses again? I guess so. Santa, I want a camera AND a pony this year, or leave me a reindeer......a REINDEER, not reindeer POOP!

grins, Pat

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Finally made it back again after re-looking at all the pics of your Christmas decor! You really did allot, gal, no wonder your body is screaming at you! Pic#1 Stoney looks quite spiffy with his bow, and your whole porch decor looks great. #4 Your mailman will probably be able to relate to that saying in your wreath! #5 love the snowman plate-think I have a similar one will have to check. The gold arrangement is so pretty too. #6 Your bathroom vanity is my favorite. It is so unique that it goes around the corner, and the garland and ornaments set it off so nicely. That santa is perfect in there and your jar and cloche are so sweet. #13 Chef Santa arrangement is just the perfect thing in the kitchen #16 That Bah Humbug mat worked great on the wall--you'll have to see my most recent post to see what I did with mine. #18 Love how you filled that little trunk and put the lights in it. #20 Your entryway with all the purple looks so elegant. Love that big deer too. #22 What darling Christmas bunnies-luv em! #30 Really nice Santas--& pretty arrangement with the tree. #34 Very elegant deers and silver tree--would make a beautiful tablescape (hint hint). Those are just some of your decor I loved. Your Christmas horse is a beautiful piece too, and I've already told you how wonderful your village pieces are. Your staked plates look nice on your table, I couldn't make staked plates this year--we will be birdsitting for two weeks and the middle of the dining room table is the safest place for her! Great job and I know your home just looks beautiful. Be sure to take time to just sit and look at each item and really enjoy it all, okay?


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Everything looks great, thought i was taking a tour of a new store, so many goodies at each turn. Love the bunnies & your village is so nice.I got a small flat TV so I guess I can't set my small group on the top of the TV anymore,over to the stereo I guess. Relax now until Christmas! jan

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what everybody else said!!
That huge carousel horse is incredible. Where do you store him? Lovin the big Santa and of course...the golf nutcrackers and Santas!! I have several of those and I have the same small nutcracker you have in front!

My response whenever anyone comments on the amount of decor I put out is "these are my toys and I enjoy playing with them."

Great job! I totally feel for you doing all that decorating (I won't say work, LOL) with your fibro. Way to persevere!!


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Thanks Candy, so happy to have you posting again. As for storing my Carousel Horse,
NO way. LOL. He stays in my living-room!! I'd always dreamed of owning one, and when I turned 60 I decided that was one dream that needed to become 'real'. I fell in love with horses from the time I could walk and talk. And collected figurines all the years growing up.
And still do apparently. LOL. I had real horses in my teens and 20s, and was a real cowgirl. But now I can only have them thru my collecting.
I figured if I wanted a full size carousel horse in my living-room, then by gosh I was going to get one. My DH not only took it in stride, he paid for it as an anniversary gift that year!! Holy Cow, talk about me going into shock!
"Moon Dancer" is a reproduction of a real Dentzel one, from a lady in OKC who does them. She painted his trappings in colors I requested of burgundy and teal.
I'm so thrilled with my dream come true.

hugs, Karen

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What better way to 'Spend An Evening' when you can't sleep!
Wow oh Wow Karen. You've done an amazing job.
You are such a dynamo. You've created so many lovely vignettes with all your beautiful collections, and everything is displayed so tastefully.
I love the little polar bear vignette in the jar and your bathroom vanity is just lovely. Your LR mantel and hearthside Santa just stunning. You really did find lots of wonderful new things this year. I can see why it must be hard to choose what to put away, with so many lovely collections.
I don't know how you managed to do it all so quickly..especially after packing away all your Fall.
I think you and Punk...and also Candy..are drinking some special kind of 'Juice' !! lol
I loved looking at everything, and I know there are many details I'm sure I missed, so I will definitely enjoy looking again to see.

By the way, I've been having trouble with Photobucket too...don't know what's going on, but you're not alone.


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