O Christmas Tree

phonegirlDecember 10, 2011

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures of our tree this year. I wrapped gifts last night so it has presents under and around it now. I'll never get it posted if I wait to go take more pictures with presents tho. I had a late night at the office and working again today.


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oh WOW - what an elegant tree - just love it âÂÂ¥ .....


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Punk, your tree is gorgeous!!
How did you find the time to trim it, with all the hours you are working?
You are Wonder Woman!

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Oh that is a beautiful tree, punk! Thanks for the 'lit up' pic ...really shows all the beauty & the big ornies ...plus that cute Teddy sitting there! Wow, it is loaded w/Love! TFS! Jeanne S. (hope you get to slow down some soon!)

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O Beautiful, O Beautiful,
How lovely are thy branches!!
I love all the gold accents and the large ornies.
This is so pretty.
Sounds like you have been using the afterburners to power through work and decorating, LOL
Of course, we all know which one is more fun!
I'm getting presents wrapped too, but it took a while for the fam to give me their lists!!

Don't work too hard, take time to enjoy the season.


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Very pretty! I love the gold in the tree, it really stands out and makes it festive. Good job!

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STUNNING !! A truly gorgeous tree! (I also loved the peek at the big Teddy Bear. What a neat bear.)

I agree whole-heartedly with what Nana said. You must be related to the Energizer Bunny, I can't believe all you do. Every day! Wonder Woman for sure!

hugs, Karen

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Lynne!

Nana, you made me LOL after a long day at the office which I needed. Wonder Woman huh? I love to decorate so stay up till the wee hours if that's what it takes.

Jeanne, I've had this bear for years. DGD packs it all over the house all year long. She calls her Bear and uses her just like one of her dolls for class. Now that she's in school, she's Miss Smith and the rest of us do as she says.LOL

Candy, sad but our kids do most of their own shopping and put it on one of our credit cards. They are in Spokane as I write this. We always buy a few gifts so they don't know Everything they are getting.

Oakley, I used alot of copper but it doesn't stand out as much as the gold.

PM, I sure don't feel like the Energizer Bunny tonight! That floor in the office is a tough one to stand on all day and we were so busy the day flew.

Thanks ladies for your comments. This tree is different. DD liked everything but those copper things hanging out of it.LOL If they were silver she would of loved them and so would I. Problem is they didn't have any left at 90% off.


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Marlene Kindred

Beautiful tree! Very elegant looking! Really like the color scheme too.

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Thanks Marlene, like I said in your post, I'm still thinking I should have an angel on top. I've had one up there for 38 years so it's hard to try something new. The one I have is burgundy and gold. Not sure it would go with this color scheme so will try to live w/o it this year.


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What a lovely tree. I love the looks of a full decorated tree, and this one definitely fits the bill. Great job.

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