Beverage Cooler for Wine and Beer/Sodas?

mominthedubcJuly 1, 2008

Is there a beverage cooler that can cool wine and beer and sodas in the same unit? Someone told me there is, but with white and red wines varying from 48 - 65 degrees and sodas or beer being at 40 degrees or cooler; I don't know if it can be done. I would like a small beverage cooler to put in the island for our white wine and my DH would like to put beer and sodas in there as well. Any such thing? Thanks

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We've had the KitchenAid bev. cooler for almost a year and have been happy with it. It has the 3 temp. zones. Reds on the bottom, whites in the middle and beer/soda on top.

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Oh my gosh, Karina, that's awesome, thank you!

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We also have the KA and it's just what you're looking for.

At this moment, the temps in the three zones are reading 38, 52, 59.

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Alku, did you put a custom panel on yours? I haven't seen anything other than ss. Karina and Alku, What models do you have? You are right, this is exactly what we are looking for! Thank you both so much!

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Yes, mine is the same as Karina's but with the panel option rather than stainless. I wish I had a better picture, with the large windows in our kitchen, that area always photographs poorly for me.

My model is the KBCO24RS. I went ahead and linked the KA page that shows these below. Shop around, we were able to get ours for significantly less than the MSRP listed there.

Another perk about this beverage center is that it's one of the few brands that gets below 40. This means it is cold enough to be food safe, so you can store opened juice in there without being in the "danger zone" for food storage.

Here is a link that might be useful: KA Bev Centers

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Alku, I asked the appliance saleman tonight about a beverage center with 3 zones. He said, 3 zones don't work, there is no way the fridge will really keep 3 zones. He suggested we go for a 2 zones. However, we were hoping to find something for white, red wines and beer and/or soda. Seems like you are happy with yours. How long have you (and you, too Karina if you are reading this) had your beverage centers? Thanks.

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Mine was installed in May of last year, and we're very happy with it. We shopped for it for several months until we finally chose this one. It had *just* come out, lucky for us. The only thing I wish was different was that the beer zone was about a 1/2" taller...if it were we'd have more options for configuring the adjustable shelf in that zone.

Aren't appliance salesmen the best? Our salesmen told us we were stupid for wanting a 2-zone wine fridge! He said it was best to use a 1-zone and follow the rule of 20: Chill whites for 20 minutes in your regular fridge before drinking, and put the red on the counter for 20 minutes brfore drinking. 20 Minutes?? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a wine fridge for the typical consumer? Sure if I were a connessoir and was stashing valuable bottles in there, but my two-buck chuck isn't worth waiting 20 minutes for. Anyway...

The LCD temperature display isn't a setting, it's a real time temperature. When you adjust the temperature setting, it takes a little while for the dislayed temp to change. The LCD temperature reading for the beer section is dead on. I measured it with a thermometer to be sure it was food safe. I didn't measure the other two zones, but I have no reason to believe those temps are off. The white wine is chilled but not overly so like you get from storing it in the fridge. The red wine is cool to the touch, but not cold enough to get a mist of condensation on your glass.

We're not wine collectors though. We just enjoy drinking wine. For the most part, our fridge holds a selection of

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Sounds like you and I are in the same wine club! I just want to be able to store white wine correctly, instead of in the fridge where I know it's too cold and our red is in the cupboard and probably vinegar...poor person who receives it as a hostess gift! Then we just want to be able to have some beer and soda in the house instead of people going out to the garage fridge (our garage isn't the neatest, so it's a bit embarrassing!) This KA sounds perfect. Thanks to you and Karina for your suggestion. Cheers!

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We heard the same deal from the salespeople.Also read that most 2+zones do not chill the beer/soda section cold enough. Our friend has the 3 zone KA and I asked her and they were very pleased with all 3 zones. I touched a bottle/can in each zone and the temps all seemed ideal.
The only thing that seems odd about the design is you would think the coldest zone would be on the bottom and the warmest on top since cold air falls and warm air rises but I am sure they know that! We plan to buy the 3 zone KA.

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We are looking at this Kitchenaid wine and beverage center. How do you all like your units by now in 2013?
How do these compare quality-wise to the similar Marvel units?

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