Anyone ever used Certainteed driftwood?

athensmomof3June 21, 2011

We are considering Certainteed Driftwood in their Independence shingle for our house. I really do not want a brown asphalt roof, but this seems to have a lot of gray in it, and some black, and some brown.

Has anyone used it? Does it read more gray or brown? We will have a cream to beige to taupe colored houses so it would likely bring out more of the brown than if on a brick house for example. It is listed in the Certainteed brochure as a gray, for what that is worth!

Their darker gray, Colonial Slate, has red flecks in it and I am afraid that won't work with our neutral colored house. Really scared of a brown roof though!

Pics would be great if you have them! Certainteed also makes this in an architectural shingle.

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I'm almost certain that is what we used on our OLD house. I tried to choose some old pictures that show more of the roof.

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Well that definitely looks gray not brown! This sample looks quite a bit darker though. . . I think I may ask the roofer to lay some on the roof to see what I think. This roof decision has been very hard!!!

We are also trying to decide between an architectural shingle and Certainteed Independence. . .

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I can't offer any specific advice, but I have to say that this decision was one of my hardest! In fact, I took my poor kids around so much to look at roof colors and shingles (last fall) that they became experts. Just last week, my 8 year old commented, "Mom, wouldn't you say that house is GAF Weathered Wood." Yikes, too much shingle studying. Also, my 10 year old came home with an "About Me" type of book on the last day of school. On the page covering Mom, it had a list for the child to put their mom"s top 3 favorite things to do... I knew it was over the top when #1 said, "Look at shingles".

So, other than, I feel your pain, I have to say that when our "weathered wood" shingles went up they looked SO dark, almost black and I was worried. They do seem to lighten a bit though, so it might be something to consider (the fading I mean).

Good luck with your shingle decision! I noticed in the end that I don't "notice" the shingles, which, in my opinion, is a good thing!

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Ha ha ha. . . sounds like something my boys would write! Good to know you have weathered wood. I'll have to look at your pics more closely! We actually drove to Atlanta to look at shingles on Saturday (better options than here) and I had to take my boys since my husband was out of town. Took them to the World of Coke honestly so I wouldn't feel guilty about driving around looking at shingles afterwards! I agree this decision is very hard!

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I've seen driftwood in person several times and it looks like a gray taupe rather than a brown to me. I am struggling over deciding between Pewter and Georgetown Gray, so I know your pain!!!! Good luck.

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Georgetown gray looks good in person. My builder uses that one a lot for folks that want a lighter gray. We need a darker gray and gray taupe sounds actually perfect. If the gray is not right it will clash with our house I am afraid so a little taupe in there would solve that problem.

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This might be of interest....

Here is a link that might be useful: defective cretainteed shingles

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Do they make imitation driftwood now?

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Ha ha. It is actually more of a dark gray with a bit of brown not a faux wood looking color . . . We are trying this out with Colonial Slate and Owens Corning Estate gray. I am wanting it to just disappear, not make a statement, since it is asphalt. Unfortunately, due to the amount of roof (large one story section) and complexity of the roof, slate was a budget buster and cedar was not much better (and would have to be replaced). . .

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Bridget Helm

we used it on our home and i love it. it has some blue and green in it kind of like slate roofs. i mean you don't look at the roof and say it's blue or anything but you know what i mean.

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Bridget Helm

I'm sorry. We used Owen's corning Driftwood, so disregard my previous post. It's not certainteed in teh pictures.

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I used OwensCorning Driftwood as well and im not sure if the color is similar to Certainteeds but in case it is, the OwensCorning version is definately a mix between gray and brown. The below photos show what the house looks like on a cloudy day (super gray and kind of dark to me) and a semi-cloudy day. On a really sunny day it tends to look even lighter and a bit brown but even on its most "brown" looking day it doesnt actually look brown to me. I really like the versatality of the color.

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Thanks all! The green in it concerns me a bit. We will have a painted brick house and are using Kolbe Natural Cotton clad windows, which are essentially a cream but cooler rather than warmer (no gold or yellow undertones at all). Grant Beige looks great with it - and so does bleeker beige if we decide we want to go darker - but both have a tinge of green undertone and I am afraid the green in the roof will make it look more green!

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Have you ever read the blog Colour Me Happy? I might try to post that question there or directly to her as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Colour Me Happy Blog

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Does not really show here but the brick is very pink, would driftwood suit or what color shingles would you pick?

This post was edited by tashi22 on Mon, Sep 2, 13 at 13:10

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Bridget Helm

to confuse everyone a little more --- sooooo sorry. i just checked the box of shingles in our storage room while i was doing yard work and it IS Landmark Certainteed. My husband told me that it wasn't Landmark a while back, so I "corrected" my post. But after looking at a bundle that is leftover from a hurricane, it is indeed Landmark Certainteed Driftwood.

So the pictures are accurate.

Sorry for the confusion

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