Layout help for Master Bath update

strayerdarbJuly 14, 2014

We want to update our master bathroom and I'm hoping to get some help on tweeking the layout. It's a pretty big bathroom, but totally outdated as far as finishes, and there are some layout issues.

Below is a drawing of the current layout, and I will post pics next.

What I want to keep the same:
- basic locations of shower, tub and WC.
- closet, will just clean up and paint shelves

What I want to change:
- No 1 is that we want a bigger shower with a rain shower head. Seems like if we could take some room from the vanity and from the current tub area we could have a bigger shower. Ceilings are 10' . This shower thing really is the number one driver. I'd like to start with that and tweek the rest of the bathroom to accomodate a bigger shower.
- Tub is too huge and it juts out into the room a bit. Want a smaller one, but still big enough to be usable and for resale down the road.
- Change countertops, sinks, fixtures, lighting.
- I don't like the little French doors going into the bathroom, would rather a pocket door or maybe something different like a barn door.

- I would like a darker more romantic mood in the master bath; it's too white and bright now.
- Cabinets: either stained or painted a darker color
- Floors: currently have wood; open to changing to tile

We can change the positions of the vanities and cabinets if needed to make a better layout.

Thanks so much for any help.

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Whether you can do a smaller tub depends on what size your current tub is.

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Is the window above the tub very big (i.e. low)? My first thought would be to switch places with the tub and shower. Put in a corner tub and make the shower the size of the tub. Plumbing is the same for both as far as water source and drain. If the window renders that not possible, you could try a 5 ft tub - maybe free standing vs in a platform. This will free up 1 ft for the shower. I you put in glass shower walls, this will save some inches as well instead of walls.

I will try to attach a modified version. Not really computer proficient, but it gives you the idea.

Adding pocket doors would be convenient, but may be costly as they have to tear into the wall and build a pocket. Plus outlets/light switch wiring could be a problem. It may be easier to install either swinging doors, or outside the bathroom sliding doors (barn style). The latter idea may be a problem with furniture though. Also, you could have a carpenter build in framing and install a regular 32", 34" or 36" door - maybe right hand inswing? Not sure where you have plants/furniture inside or outside the bathroom.

Hope this helps!

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RQ Home, thanks so much for responding.

The window is high up with a floral design, it's not clear glass. I like the tub where it is, but I would like to shrink it down to get a larger shower.

I really like the idea of a freestanding tub.

A pocket door will work I think because there's no electrical in the way to one side of the door.

Here are some pics. The wallpaper is so busy. We've been waiting 15 years to redo this bathroom.

Little french doors:

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Entering into the bathroom

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Giant bath and little shower:

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One of the vanities. I hate the lighting which is in a sort of soffit type of encasement.

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I've been thinking about your design. You are right - that wallpaper needs to go. In general, the layout isn't terrible, but IMO you need more light and a feeling of roominess. I'm not sure what your budget is, but if you can make that window bigger and come down more since you want to leave the tub there, I would definitely consider it. But, in case you don't want to make big changes-just minor things, here is what I would suggest:

1) After removing wallpaper, add casing around the window frame - minimum 3" to make it look larger.
2) Add bead board, including behind the tub and come up high enough to make the focus the tub, not the high window.
3) Remove the small wall between the shower and the vanity.
4) Remove the half wall between the tub and shower.
5) Make the walls surround the shower glass and bring out the glass so your shower is more like 3-1/2' deep. That half a foot will make it alot more roomy. I don't like cleaning glass, but in your case, it will make a world of difference in opening the room up.
6) Replace both vanities with a pedestal type sink or a half open style vanity & then replace side cabinets with taller cabinets that are 15" deep (not as deep as sink). OR, replace both vanities and side cabinets with a larger vanity (no side cabinets).
8) Last, but not least, take out overhead light boxes and replace with wall light. Just doing this, removing wall paper and a nice paint color will make a world of difference.

What were your thoughts on the floor? The wood is beautiful and wood really keeps the room warm if you have white bead board, white pedestal sinks and side cabinets and a light blue, yellow or other light color above the bead board. You will have to touch up the wood flooring as far as adding some when you remove the tub. If you were planning to remove the wood and add tile, that will affect the look.

I can see how the french doors get in the way and the left wall looks possible since the other wall has the toilet. If it's not a load bearing wall and contains no wires or pipes, it should work fine.

Here are some photos for inspiration - design, style and color. None of them perfectly fit your layout, but all have elements you can incorporate.

I also did a few ideas of your drawing moving things around. Since I'm not in the space, not sure what would work, but the pedestal sink with storage areas on each side of the closet entrance gives you the most floor space. If you need storage, and would want a mirrored vanity area, I put that in as well. Large mirrors around both sink areas and above extra counter height storage would give the room more light and make it look bigger as well.

Hopefully someone else will weigh in here. There are good ideas on this board.

I'm not sure how to post many photos in one reply so there will be a few posts from me!

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Here is another idea... This one gives you a mirrored makeup area with a stool and the other sink has an L shape for more counter space.

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yay - got it to work using DD photobucket account.

Glass shower...

Storage cabinet ideas for each side of closet entrance...


Pedestal Sink...

Regular vanity with storage...

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