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LaberglundJune 22, 2012

We are in process of framing our first floor right now, and I believe our linen closet, when completed with studs and drywall is going to take precious width from our walk in shower. It's very tight in there drawn on the plan, it includes a 2.5' closet, a 60" vanity, and then the shower, which measures 3.5' on that same wall on the plan.

When you factor in the studs, as previously mentioned, plus the 2x4 wall that encloses the shower, I believe the actual inside portion of our shower will be under 3'. (Am I making sense here?)

So my question is...we're thinking about making the linen closet smaller in order to steal precious inches away and into the shower area. Is a 2' closet with 18" door too small for any real function? I need to store a few towels, a sheet set or two, and some toiletries in it.

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We have a 2' closet with an 18" door near our guest bedrooms and bath. It's completely functional for plenty of towels, blankets, sheets, and other misc. stuff. I'd rather have a closet this size than none at all and try to store things under the sink. However, an extra 6" in the shower from the closet will help but I am not sure if it'll be enough. That seems like a pretty tight shower area.

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It's actually more like 8.5 inches, plus we're doing a 60" vanity with no overhang's drawn as 62". So, that's an extra 10.5" to play with.
THanks so much for your quick reply!

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We eliminated a hall closet to allow for a walk in shower. Really helped for eventual resale - Having a walk in shower.
Personally I am stating to question a really large vanity (planning a new master bath). Since I don't like clutter, what is the point of more surface area to clean?

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I'd want a walk in shower to be closer to 4 ft wide if at all possible. If space is tight, instead of a linen closet, why not use a tower linen cabinet you see at the edge of the linked picture. That way you wouldn't be wasting 4" for a wall of sheetrock and studs between your linen storage and the vanity. And yes, 2 ft is plenty wide enough for linen storage. In fact, even an 18" wide cabinet will store a remarkable amount of towels and sheets and stuff like that.

Here is a link that might be useful: linen tower instead of linen closet

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I think with these changes, the shower will be close to 4x4.5'. I had contemplated a tower linen closet, but we've already overspent our cabinetry budget, so I figured a few pieces of drywall and a door would be much cheaper than a tower from our custom cabinet maker.
Thanks so much for the suggestion though,

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