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loafer80June 14, 2012

We are finalizing our elevation and pushing for permit. Would like some comments and help from the forum to help us. We are not totally happy with the 2nd level rear elevation, first photo, something is not working.

We originally wanted a shed roof on the 2nd level coming off, now it is shown as a hip roof. Would adding another shed roof be too many and similar? Since we have a big gable coming off the peak already and a small shed canopy over the patio.

The rear right window on 2nd level is offset on the outside, because its centred on the bath inside. If centred, the window would be between the shower and bath, what would be a good solution?

Also, the triple window on the west elevation, first photo, is where the stair is. Deciding on this window layout or the common one big window, something like a 6ft wide x 8 ft high. The stair is an open space with double height ceiling.

Any other feedbacks would be helpful.


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I think the north elevation currently looks awkward at the roofline. I think the south elevation is more pleasant looking.
The rooflines on the north fight with each other. I would try the large dormer with a shed and consider eliminating the box bay, because it is a bay within a dormer.

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Thanks palimpsest, those a great suggestion and observation. Ya I think taking out the box window and changing to a large shed dormer would simplify and clean the overall look.

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