Lost Windows Media Center

john4291February 22, 2012

Compaq Presareo Win 7 SP 1 purchased with WIN 7 INSTALLED. I had Windows Media Center

but now I can't find it. I did some cleaning up of things I didn't use and must have deleted it by

mistake. I have sought a download site from Microsoft and others but have been unable to find one.

I do not have an installation disk but do have some disks that I made at the suggestion of the mfg.

Is there a way to download the program or reinstall it from the disks that I made. I also have a

FACTORY_IMAGE (D) drive but I do not know how to use these to reinstall the program. Can anyone

tell me how I can do it? TIA

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I found this in another forum. It may help you:

1. Open Control Panel/Programs and Features.
2. Click "Turn Windows features on or off" in the left pane.
3. Expand "Media Features", uncheck "Windows Media Player". Click "Yes" to continue, and click OK to quit. Then Restart.

Note: If you turn off WMP, Windows Media Center will be turned off either. You may need to re-configure settings for Windows Media Center after re-enabling it.

4. Open "Turn Windows features on or off" again. Turn on the features "Windows Media Player" and "Windows Media Center". Restart.
5. Launch Windows Media Player, initialize the program.

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Thank you Bob. Your post did the trick. When I found the info
for windows media player and windows media center they were both checked. I took a chance and unchecked them. Then restarted my computer. After making the changes it restarted and then I went back as you suggested and checked them to enable and restarted (not sure it was needed). When I checked the programs lo and behold there was Windows Media center and the player. I put shortcuts on the DT and will be careful what I do after this. Thanks again, John W.

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I'm glad it helped John.

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