Purchasing out of state

emilyarthurJuly 26, 2012

We live on long island and were told that we could buy our appliances in new jersey and save money on the tax. Sounds tempting, but am concerned about customer service issues? Would it be the company we purchased the appliances from or would it be the appliance company that we would work with for customer service?

Has anyone done something like this?

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The standard warranty goes through the appliance manufacture.

Extended warranties go through third party insurance companies, with the major exception being Sears. They do their own extended warranties.

95% of appliance stores are $#@$ when you have a problem,they simply refer you to the manufacture 1-800 number. A few who do their own installs will try to help, and even a smaller number(the really good ones) will go to bat for you with the manufacture if there is a problem. They become your advocate. This is really rare but maybe worth paying an extra premium if you have one of these stores near you that carry the product you want.

BTW: Technically you are supposed to declare out of state purchases on your state income tax and pay sales tax. Almost no one does this but that is what you are supposed to do. Doesn't NYC have a sales tax holiday? I think I see that on the evening news once a year.

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deeageaux - although Brooklyn and Queens are part of NYC, typically when someone says they are from Long Island they are from Nassau or Suffolk county which are not part of the city.

Also, when you buy out-state you are supposed to pay "use tax" on your state income tax.

Just wanted to make sure you had your facts straight :-)

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Thanks guys!

Yes,we are from Nassau county...

I think we will buy local...not worth the hassle of out of state attempts at service if it becomes necessary. Nor is it worth a tango with the IRS!!!

Thanks again for the info!!!

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since I'm nitpicking today :-) your tango wouldn't be with the IRS but with the NY Dept. of Taxation and Finance.

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