'Trouble'- 4....Karen- 0

PurplemoonDecember 1, 2011

Last night had me in tears of frustration. All I wanted to do after supper and kitchen cleaned up, was get on here and relax my legs since I was on them all afternoon. Then I hear a CRASH. Of course I had no doubt it was Jazz aka Trouble. I reluctantly went to see just what he'd done.

The little Santa Tree in the living-room was a victim of his. It is a 4 ft tree (one of those that come in a big urn from Michaels, I got it a few years ago). I put all my Santa ornaments on it, plus others things. It was on the carpet, ornaments scattered around, and some shattered.

Of all my Santa ornaments, only 8 were 'special and pricey'. A set of Santas a friend got me several years ago on QVC. They are glass figures of Santa as a fireman, a policeman, etc. So after I put the tree back on the table, and saw some shattered ornaments, I found that Jazz had broken FOUR of those eight special Santas. I was just sick, and in tears. I had to redo the other ornaments on the tree, pick up the glass, then vacuum.

After which I came in here to get online and distract myself from being so upset. Our server, Cox, was having a problem shortly after I got on. Its now 2 am, and starting to work again. Good thing since I can't sleep.

To make matters worse, when I was down on my hands and knees picking up the shattered Santas, with tears running down my face, Mr O walks up to see what happened. I told him I don't know why I even bothered to try and decorate this year! He says "because you love it"....well I realize he was trying to say something positive, but THAT wasn't the right thing to say at that particular moment.


Anybody want an orange cat? I'll pay you to take him!

hugs 'n tears,


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Here's one of those Santas, from last year's tree...

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So sorry, One year we had our entire tree fall over. I lost many of the ornaments I make with my wedding memories. I feel your pain.

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O Karen!! I'm sooo sorry.
Having lived with Cheetah for 10 yrs, I completely feel your pain. He can never tear up or break any of the crappy cheap stuff. UGH!
As the years have gone by with him , I have lost the majority of my affinity for cats (had several over the years) and told my Husband he is our first and LAST cat. I'll stick to the pugs, they only tear up mundane stuff.
Look at it this way, at least Mr O said "something" , my hubs would have run for the hills and said notta. :-)

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So Trouble has struck again huh? I hope you at least put hime in Time Out! I think you have more patience than I do. This is just SAD!!! Sooo sorry to hear this.


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Marlene Kindred

Oh Karen.....that stinkin' cat!! I would probably have thrown him out of the front door at that point. I am soooo sorry about your tree! You may have to take on our practice. For years we tied our tree to either a hook in the ceiling or to a wall light fixture. In fact, I think the one in the family room is tied this year...old habit. We used to do it when DD was small in case she fell into the tree, so it wouldn't topple on her.

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Apparently 'curiosity did NOT kill the cat!' (oh, PM, how unfortunate for your beautiful ornies & you!) That one you showed is gorgeous! You may have to keep Jazz on a leash! ... or in a room of his own!! Sorry!

Hope today has been better ... Mr. O knows your love for decorating it seems...maybe he'll express it again in a better situation. ;-) Hugs, Jeanne s.

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oh Karen ((((HUGS)))) - I can only imagine. I cry when I break an ornament but to have a whole tree fall over because of the cat well I would be ready to throw in the towel. We have been very fortunate with all the cats we have had over the years but I know full well we are probably only one cat away from our own 'Trouble'. We did have one tree climber but she only went up so far and then curled up. Maybe the solution is to hang the special ornaments on garland in an archway or something like that.....


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Oh Karen, I am so so sorry to hear that Trouble is causing you heartache! That Darn Cat!! Reminds me of a movie title, LOL.
I guess anything you decorate in the open is going to have to be unbreakable and your fragile pretties will need to be in something protected, or else hope Trouble develops bad hips, LOL Just kidding about the hips.

As far as Mr. O, at least he acknowledged that you were upset!
My oldest DGS is very much like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory and my daughter was crying the other day and said he walked up to her, patted her shoulder and said "there, there" just like Sheldon. She looked at him and asked if he was going to offer her a hot beverage? LOL
This is only funny if you have seen the TV show.

Anyway, I'm annoyed at Trouble and I don't even know him!
Well, I guess you'll have an excuse to do some more perusing of EBay and the GoodWill online looking for replacements. That probably doesn't make you feel any better right now, but is just my lame way to try to help you feel a bit better, LOL

I'd have put Trouble up for adoption way before now. You are a much better, and more patient person than I would have been!


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I can't lock Jazz up in a room, he knows how to open the door handles. He doesn't like to be shut in, or out of, rooms. After surviving the first year of having him (he was 8 months old when I adopted him from a rescue group),
the past 2 yrs have been much easier. He rarely breaks anything, and is good about my decorating most of the time.

I think I may have to take part of the blame in retrospect.
This year I put the Santa tree on a tiny round table, glass top with metal base. But since it sits on carpet, it
isn't as stable as when the tree was on the bigger marble top table last year. I've got it sitting in a corner, by my living-room fireplace. I think Jazz was running and playing, and probably bumped the little table as there is sure no room for him to try and get on it at all. And he's never tried to climb any of my trees. Nor does he play with the lower hanging ornaments. But he races thru the house while playing by himself or with my other male cat, Ty (the "good" cat).

At least the policeman Santa survived, tho the fireman one didn't. Because of my two sons, the cop one is most important of all. :o)

Thanks for all the condolences, knew y'all would understand
my frustration!
hugs, Karen

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Ahhh, Karen what a bummer! I bet Ty was chasing Jazz and he just couldn't stop in time. I'm sure he feels just awful for the mayhem he caused. LOL I'd be more than happy to take Jazz
But Alvin wouldn't like it. He doesn't play well with others.
Anyway you know you'd miss him!
I'm really glad your Policeman Santa survived.

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LOLing at the thought of Jazz feeling awful, he just looks at me gives me this "WHAT?!" look. Also the idea of Ty chasing Jazz...no one wants to chase him, much less catch him! He's the "Chaser". Tho my fat ol' blob girl, Oreo, doesn't run anywhere for any reason. He and Ty play good, when Ty is in the mood (he's 8yrs old and much more settled now, tho he used to be an enthusiastic Re-decorator when he was younger. Didn't break things, just moved them around. LOL).

Nana, Alvin sounds like he could handle Jazz. LOL.
hugs, Karen

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Send him to me. I had an orange one a few years ago, had to have him put to sleep. Had my 6 yr old white cat put down today, she had tumors in her mouth. Remember you can cuddle a cat no matter how busy (bad)they are, you cannot get warmth from an ornament. Memories yes.
Not being mean, just a house without a cat right now.


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Oh Betty, I am sorry you lost your cat. That is so sad.
I know you aren't being mean at all, you are so right of course. I dearly love animals and each time I've lost one,
it takes a piece of my heart. But I can't imagine not having them in my life. I adopted Jazz after losing a very special orange kitty 4 yrs ago, even tho I had 3 other cats. (unfortunately he's nothing like my Timmy was. Jazz likes to hang out and see what's going on, but he doesn't want to be held, or picked up, or cuddled. :o( He's just too busy for that stuff. He should have been a barn cat instead of a house cat with his personality.)

I hope, when you can, you will share your heart with another one. They give us so much more than we can ever give them I think.

hugs, Karen

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