Washer/Dryer stack inside or outside hall bathroom?

elphaba_gwJuly 2, 2012

If w/d stack is inside of bathroom, there is an additional 4 inches (or so) of space for dryer hose or water or something. This is a tight space.

If w/d stack is inside bathroom, I'm thinking I will not put a door on the "housing" around the stack. We don't entertain much. Think it will be more convenient not to worry pushing a door aside when I do laundry?

If w/d stack is outside bathroom, well, it just seems like this config might be more civilized. Form or function?

I'm attaching a floor plan of the hall bath as I see it with w/d outside bathroom. If we move it inside, the pocket door will move to the other side of the W/D stack.

Also, including a floor plan of our house so you can see an approximate sketch of the house and where the bath fits in.

Would appreciate any comments or feedback.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I wouldn't want w/d in main bath....

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I love the wd in the bath as long as there is some cover - curtain / door whatever - for me there is nothing better than a warm towel after the shower (I know there are towel warmers for that - but I had the W/D in the bath once and loved it)

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In your situation, I'd put it in the hall, rather than opposite the toilet.

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If you use a door, note that it needs to have ventilation grilles at the top and bottom - this is required by code so the dryer will have make-up air to replace that that gets exhausted out the 4" tube. The installation instructions for the W/D will provide the necessary size and location.

I like having these in or near the bathroom too.

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