Newbie here, question about Blue Star and venting hoods

sallyparisJuly 11, 2013

I just joined this forum...

we are starting our kitchen renovation, and "almost" settled on a Blue Star range (stove top and oven) - I read countless horror stories about every single brand, at some point we decided to stop reading, take a deep breath and go for it ;-0)

Blue Star also has a venting hood that goes nicely over the 36 in, 6 burner cooktop - does anybody know how noise that is? Would you recommend getting another brand of hood?

also, if anyone has a Blue Star, should we worry about the quality of the oven? There are plenty of bad reviews about the door jamming after a few months.

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I've had 36RNB for about nine months. No problem with the oven door.

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I've got a BS 36" range w/a 42" Prizer (Blue Star) 1200 cfm hood. It's noisy, any hi cfm hood will be 'relatively' noisy. You get used it, not too bad at low flow, when doing hi-heat cooking it's probably not going to be cranked up for too long.

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Thank you! I guess it is true, any noise with power enough to be effective will be noisy... gotta take the good with the bad

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Kristen Hallock

I should be getting my 36" RNB and 42" Pyramid hood next week. I'll let you know!

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I got a Modernaire 42" hood with my Blue Star. It is 1200 CFM. Like Mistman's experience with the Prizer hood, the MA is loud when on high. While the noise can be a bit annoying, agreed, it is worth it to avoid grease on the cabinets and light fixtures.

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I have the 36" BS 6 burner range top and we went with the Zephyr Monsoon DCBL line. I didn't have the room for anything other than a 36" version so that is what I got. Here is a link to my model:


Now we normally use it on level 2 or 3 out of max of 6. On 5 and 6 it does get bit loud, but it is liveable for how long we have it on that setting. At 2 or 3 we can still talk, though the noise, if your head is right under the vent, can be a little loud.


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I've had my 36" RNB with a 36" Prizer (Bluestar) hood 1000cfm remote for about four months now. The fan in mine is three speed, and I usually use low or medium, if I use it at all. You definitely know when it is on, but it gets the job done, and is beautiful as well! And congratulations on your new Bluestar! I'm in love with mine, best range I've ever owned, or even cooked on!
edited to add this shot of my hood the night after I installed it, I had narrowed it down to Modern Aire and Prizer and though the fit and finish were a bit better on the Prizer. Can't go wrong with either...

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The main reason I went w/the Prizer hood was due to the color. I had my range colored and wanted the hood to match. I'm sure 'most' hoods w/the correct CFM would work just fine.
Price point, aesthetics, quality and CFM's pretty much determine which hood an individual will purchase. While I don't think you can go wrong w/the Prizer offerings they are pretty 'tame' in terms of looks. Nothing flashy or fancy just a hood w/some fans, lights and baffles that does a good job at what it's made for.
BTW- My 1200 cfm has a variable knob on the fans as does the light, no settings, clicks or notches.

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I think i have the exact set-up you're contemplating. I have the 36" 6 burner RNB under a 36" bluestar pyramid hood with 1200 cfm. First, the range is spectacular. You will love it.

The hood is great too. It does an excellent job of removing smoke and grease. Cleaning it isn't too hard either. I just throw the baffles in the dishwasher and wipe the interior of the good with some 409 and paper towels. Depending on usage, I'd say I'd do this about once a month.

I love the looks of it and the fact that unlike other hoods, it has infinite variable controls for both the vent speed and lights.

As for loudness, well that's subjective. But mine is in my kitchen in an open layout house and the living room is about 20 feet away. I can cook with the vent on full blast and people can still hear the tv just fine in the other room. If not cooking something that creates too much smoke, I just use the vent on a variable lower setting. I'd say anything less than about 3/4 full power results in very little noise at all. It's just at full power is loud, but still not loud enough to distract people in the adjacent room.

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Interesting that both Mistman and gtadross have variable speed fans...perhaps it's because I have the remote blower? But Prizer told me they only use three speed blower motors, and said they were "superior to variable speed controlled motors" .....hmmmm

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My BS roof blower is model BSRB1000. It's a horizontal discharging blower like the Abbaka. I paid $851 for it in 10/11. It has a continuously variable motor, controlled from the knob on the BS hood. Is this blower you're looking at except they changed it to 3-speed?

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Bluestar makes an excellent hood, they make them for Prizer and Prestige brand too.

Any 600 -1600 cfm hood is going to be somewhat noisy at full crank. But a 1200 cfm blower is going to be less noisy at 600 cfm than a 600cfm blower at full crank.

The Bluestar oven door had a hinge problem. It was solved with a new design about 2.5 years ago. Any model with a VI at the end of the model number has the new hinges. If you find an RNB without the VI it has the old hinges. People with older ranges will have the oven door seize from time to time and post new threads here. The oven door gets a little hotter than Wolf or Capital but it no longer seizes.

BTW I own an Independent hood and Capital Culinarian.

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I have ordered a BS 48inch and expect delivery shortly. I was able to experience first hand its searing potential at a local test kitchen. The side of the oven, on the right, did get enough to blister my skin....albeit a tiny I pressed my hand against it. I will be thoughtful about what items are placed in the cabs abutting that hot side. I ordered a ventahood for its quiet venting. We will see how it all works out....fingers crossed...

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