oh no....MORE photos! ;o)

PurplemoonDecember 20, 2011

I tried the 'gift wrap the painting on the wall' thing. This is in my entry hall behind the front door, near the purple decorated wreath.

Close-Up of the pretty Snowman paper, and a S ornament I found at Target. S for my last name, but also in this case, S for the Snowmen on the paper.

A Kirkland's Santa on Rocking Horse....tho I got mine from shopgoodwill.com! Just couldn't resist it.

This lovely Angel, holding a little bird in her hand, was a sweet gift from Luvs a few weeks ago. I put her in the living-room under the BIG cloche. (my silver rabbit platter isn't Christmas-y, but I didn't get around to

putting greenery on it to hide the rabbits for now)

Little tree I put in my "Dad's room" ( can't seem to stop thinking of that as his room, even tho he's been gone since Feb.) By the way, red was his favorite color.

Yes, the framed photo is ME sitting on Santa's lap!! LOL. And I take such terrible pictures, I am kind of embarrassed to show it to you....but there is a little story to how I ended up on Santa's lap a few weeks ago.

When I was a little girl, my Dad tried everything to convince me to sit on Santa's lap for a picture. But I was so shy, and I wouldn't get within 20 FEET of Santa! Never... Ever! So my Dad didn't get the picture that most parents want of their children at least once. Recently when a friend and I went shopping, we saw a wonderful Santa and he was in a shop where no kids were at the time. After watching another lady my age get her picture with him, and me telling my friend about not ever doing that, Mollie went up and paid the $5 and insisted I HAD to get mine with Santa! And the jolly ol' guy was also telling me I should. LOL.

So...... Dad, this one's for you!

hugs, Karen

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Love your Santa story!!!!!! How cute :)

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Karen, so happy to see your still decorating! Your 'gift wrap the painting on the wall' turned out beautiful. Love that new little rocking horse w/santa.

Luvs picked out the neatest angel for you. It looks sweet displayed in your cloche. With your silver leaves, tied it right in with the silver rabbit platter.

So glad you finally sat on santa's lap and got your picture taken for DDad. Funny what crazy girls will do when we're out shopping.LOL Nice vignette you made for his room. Yep, this one's for DD. Neat horse too.


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That's a great picture of you and Santa! You need to make copies for your kids. They'd get a kick out of it. lol.

You did the present! yay! Love the paper. I'm still enjoying mine, I'd sure like to leave it there all year. :)

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Oh your 'wrapped' present looks fabulous! What BEAUTIFUL snowman paper & love, love the silver ribbon & ornie! Nice!

Very cute angel that luvs sent you...love how you displayed it & you don't need any greens ...'rabbits' are very busy around here in the Winter, too! Looks great as is...the silver & cloche!

Your Santa pic makes me smile! I loved seeing it there under that lil' tree where your Dad lived! Precious! & you are brave to sit on Santa's lap, even tho you're a bit
older' now! LOL! TFS your treasures, PM! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, my friend gave me NO choice,LOL. I told Santa his knee might not be able to take me sitting on it! He was so fun, and such a wonderful Santa in both looks and demeanor.
I just wish I'd done this last year so Dad could have seen it...

Oak, I did give my daughter and son Jason a copy. My 4 little grandkids were a bit surprised to see ME on Santa's lap. Their grins were a hoot. (wait till the day I tell them I was born BEFORE the Internet and blow their little minds! LOL)

Glad y'all enjoyed the story,guess you're never to old to be silly!
hugs, Karen

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Love that Pic Karen...and the story that goes with it..
I like how your 'picture present' came out and the clever idea using the 'S'.
That GW Santa is really nice..I see lots of nice suff on there, but the shipping is usually a killer.
The little angel under the glass cloche looks darling and the little tree in your Dad's room is touching...I can see you still calling it his room it's only natural that you would.

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Cute story and fun decorating!


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I love everything, but mostly the Santa picture. I still remember the great Christmases my parents made sure I had. They always decorated up one side and down the other.

I'm going to get my picture taken with Santa next year. I think all my grandchildren will be past the point of having to hide the Santa presents until they go to bed (although we'll still put some out with "from Santa" on them), so I'll get them to sit on Santa's lap with me.

You are a kick!


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Purplemoon, you look wonderful! And what a great story to go with the pic! I know what you mean about shy, I am too!

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What a hoot Karen, I bet your Family is getting a kick out of it.

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A Belated Merry Christmas!
Karen - I love your 'love of Christmas decorating' exuberance!
Such a sweet story about the Santa pic and as they say...Better late than never.

Now I want to see the pic of you North Pole dancing too! ;-)


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