Back-up drive slows computer?

marknmtFebruary 15, 2012

Hi! I'm back again for more help.

This time my question is about whether adding a back up drive (in this case a Seagate 1.5 TB USB 2.0 FreeAgent GoFlex Desk) will cause the Gateway DX4200-09 with Vista Premium to run things like Facebook and Plurk more slowly.

We've set it to run automatically so I suppose it's always sitting there waiting for a file to be modified. Since installing it it does appear that things are a tad slower, and Facebook, in particular, doesn't offer all the stuff we are pretty sure should be there.

Thanks (once again) for your help.



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Hi marknmt,

Perhaps setting the back-up schedule to once a week would remedy the situation.


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I'm not sure how you set up your backup drive, but mine only backs up files periodically according to a schedule. The schedule I chose was to backup at 3am when I'm not using it. In my experience, when the backup drive is copying files from the main hard drive, the main drive might respond a tad slower. However, being on the Internet and surfing to things like Facebook shouldn't really be affected unless you are trying to upload pictures, etc., while the backup is running, especially since it sounds like you have a newer computer with probably adequate RAM. You may coincidentally have something else going on.

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I have a 1TB GoFlex connected via a CAT5 cable to the router and it too appears to have slowed my machine drastically. As I have Windows 7 with a good back up feature I am seriously considering removing the provided Memeo software all together.

Been since Christmas trying to get the thing working, they eventually decided mine was defective and action was prompt after that with a replacement which just arrived Monday of this week.

I believe Vista has similar back up capabilities to Windows 7?

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Win7 backups I played with does't do incremental, just full back ups. So you have to be aware of those old back ups that are hidden... or scratch your head wondering what is eating up lots of hard drive space.
Something popular like Macrium Reflect may be worth considering.

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I suppose you could do a manual backup before bed one nite then disconnect until ready for the next...takes away the automatic thing but will eliminate the slowdown

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Mikie I'll have to check on that. Yesterday helping a friend he did an incremental backup - but he has very little on the computer so perhaps his was a full back up. I wonder......

For myself I always elect to do full back up and delete the old one. Not sure why, just me I suppose.

Gene yes I had considered that as the way to go. The Memeo software seems to only be a 30 day trial too so there is no way I expect to buy a gadget only to have to buy software separately. One article I read suggests an annual fee, definitely not my style.

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Thank you for all the excellent answers. I suppose we'll go to unplugging (or rescheduling) so that we just do it once a week or so. Still puzzles as to why it takes things (Firefox, for example) so long to download now.

But now you've raised another issue: should I expect to have to buy software to run this thing? Out at Best Buy they told me I might have to download something to get it to work, but we were able to install with very little hassle. And it does appear to be working as advertised.

Hmmmm ...

Thanks again. Always very much appreciated.


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Two things:

1) You should be able to accomplish backups without having to pay extra for software. I can't make recommendations, though, as the two backup drives I use each came with free backup software.

2) Have you tried disconnecting the backup drive to see if that makes a difference in Firefox's performance?

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