Christmas Bears

kirkusDecember 21, 2010

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share another obsession... bears! :o) Here are a few close-ups of my Christmas Bear "Village". It's always a joy to bring out the bears each year and watch our kids get excited as we set this scene up, adding a few pieces each year. Hmmmm...I haven't added a bear yet this year! I had better start looking! LOL Enjoy! Bear Hugs! Kirk

The blue "tree" was made by my Grandma when I was little...over 40 years ago. Had to add it to the scene. :o)

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Oh Kirk, your Christmas Bear Village is one of the cutest things ever. Its hard to pick a favorite among the bears,
but the one building a "snow bear" keeps catching my eye.

Don't you dare get me hooked on these darling things!!
hugs, Karen

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Yep, that could be a new collection,Karen. Those are so cute!Love the truck too. TFS


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Kirk, Your Bear Village is adorable!!
The Blue Tree your Grandma made is priceless.

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makes me want to start collecting bears!!

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Oh, my! That is so adorable - and not everyone has a Bear Village. That makes it even more special. (Although it looks as though your posting will encourage others to start!)

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That is so cute...I need the carol singing bears in my choir!! Would that make us beary good?????
Thank you so much for showing these to us...I'm smilin' :^)

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Kirk...your bear village is so very CUTE! Where's the cabin? I think you need a cabin like this light-up one I found in MN vacationing a few yrs back! Got our DS one, too for his Northwoods! Maybe you can build one!

Have fun finding a new bear for Christmas! I bet the kids love, love playing with these happy fellas! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Those are so cute, Kirk, and make a darling little "scene". Thanks so much for sharing with us. Luvs

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Okay, that is an original Christmas collection. I love the choir bears and the sled bears, well pretty much all of them. Great display.

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just adorable - what a 'beary' special vignette - love it TFS .....


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1st thing I noticed was how well dressed your bears are lots of long scarves & nice hats so they are beary warm at your house!! The snowlady bear is so sweet with her family!!I love the truck & Jeanne is right, you need to build a little cabin like hers. Jan

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Kirk, nice to see you are still decorating at your house! I love bears and your Winter Bears collection is wonderful. Your truck looks like it was made to go with them. Love the license plate, door sign. tree and bears on it.

Enjoyed seeing your blue tree. Love the fact that you've kept it all these years. So Special knowing DGM made it. Careful, your telling your age talking about

Jeanne's cabin would go nice with your bear collection.


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Wow! Thank you all for your kind comments! You TRULY made my day! Jeanne, love the idea of a lit cabin. I've been trying to think of ways to add more lighting. I'm also going to add a small, round mirror for a pond. Thanks again, everyone! Have a BEARY, Merry Christmas!

We're off to the Santa Cruise tomorrow on a local lake in Northern Idaho. It is always so fun for the kids (and adults)! A Christmas lit cruise ship will take us to Santa's Island at the "North Pole" where everything is all lit up, Christmas music is playing, and Santa comes out with Mrs. Clause to greet the kids! It's MAGICAL! :o) Our 3 year old is soooo excited...and so am I!!!

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Marlene Kindred

You have quite the selection of bears there! They are all just adorable! Love the blue "tree" that your Grandma made for you too....just wonderful!

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Kirk, that Santa cruise to the island sounds like such fun!! I want to come with you guys! You better have your camera with you and take photos!!

hugs, Karen

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I saw the bear heading, and knew it had to be yours! Love it.
Merry Christmas,

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