What are the best bidet brands/models?

amateurplumberJuly 26, 2014

I want to get a new electric bidet seat and want something that will be decent. I'm looking to spend around $400, but would like to hear your opinions on what's good and what's bad.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Have you thought about dumping the bidet and just getting a toilet with a washlet? Gives you more space for other stuff in the bathroom.


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I don't understand why anyone would want a free standing bidet when you can have a bidet seat (like a Toto Washlet) integrated on your existing toilet.

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Even better than that, is a product from Sanicare. It's a simple hand held sprayer that hangs on the wall right next to the toilet. I had one in my former home and I'm going to get one in my current home. What I really liked about it is that the sprayer is completely out of the toilet. Somehow, I feel it's cleaner that way. I had a wall mounted heater that they sell too. I don't think I'll get that again. If you don't get the heater, the install is a DYI project. It just uses the supply from the toilet. The only downside is that you have to use one hand to hold the sprayer, but then you get to spray it where ever you want it. For instance you can use it to wash sand off you feet when coming in from the beach. It only has one spray pattern, that's enough for me.

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Sorry guys, I did indeed mean an electronic bidet seat. I currently have a HomeTech HI-4001 that bit the dust.

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Hummm, I don't think "better" is the word I'd use unless you're talking price. No way can a hand held, one spray pattern bidet be "better" than a bidet seat that has variable temp heated seat, variable spray patterns that pulsate and oscillate, variable spray force, variable water temps, a deodorizer and dryer and it's all hands-free, something someone with limited mobility would find invaluable. There are other benefits but I'll leave that to a prospective buyer's Google search :)

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I just got the Bio Bidet BB-1000. Has all the features I was looking for and so far meets my needs. I had never used a bidet before I wasn't sure what to expect, but so far so good!

PS- I found the best prices at Amazon and 2-day shipping if Prime member

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