Is it me or the website

acraftyladyFebruary 10, 2013

All other websites are working. He accessed this site a few months ago no problem and nothing has changed with my set up. windows 7 IE9 on an HP desktop and Toshiba laptop. My hubby needed to go on the regents prep site tonight and gets the page IE can't display this webpage.

HP runs a diagnostic and says something about port 316 and I use the toshiba wireless and it says the remote device won't accept the connection and I tried from my kindle fire and page won't load so I am thinking we have something blocking or they moved the page? I run Norton security on both computers. Turned that off and same thing.

I did find another spot online to get what he needed but need to see if I can fix this as he will have to go on this site again. Mary

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It doesn't work for me .. ie10 win8
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

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I couldn't get on it either, no connection. I use FF.

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Ok will have him ask at school tomorrow what's going on. He seemed to think I was plotting against him to get work done, he he. Mary

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It's down for everyone. Here is a site I check when I can't get to a site

Here is a link that might be useful: Is it just me?

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Thanks, I didn't know about that website. Mary

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