is my 6' x 11' bathroom idea crazy?

EngProfJuly 24, 2012

I posted a floorplan in home renov., but I have a bathroom design issue...

The bathroom is sandwiched between a den and a bedroom (all of this is the new addition). It needs a shower, commode and vanity. Ideally also a linen closet, but that's flexible. It doesn't need a separate room for the toilet. Will be used by one adult person.

Due to zoning limits on width and the need for 4' wide hallways, architect proposed bathroom as 8'3 x 8'10".

I want to steal 2' of the 8'3" for a long closet in the hallway. (Helps w/ design problem elsewhere.) This leaves me only 6' of "depth" when I go into the BA. I can stretch the BA longer -- was going to be 8'10" but now would be 11' long. (Can do 12' if that makes a big diff.)

Trying to (a) figure out how to use the space and (b) whether I am an idiot to consider a 6'x11' bathroom instead of 8'x9'.

In case it's useful, I'm posting (below) the plan that had the 8'x9' version of the bathroom. The closet in the BR would move into the hallway just beyond the bathroom.


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Seeing that it's possible to fit a tub, toilet and vanity into a 5 x 7 space, I don't see where it would be a problem to fit all that and more in a 6 x 11 space.

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Our current bath is 6x10 and it holds a 42" vanity, toilet and 3x6 shower. We are expanding it to 6x13 so we can have a 6' vanity with 2 sinks, as well as a wall with pocket door separating the toilet and shower space from the vanity.

With 6x11, I would have along 1 long wall as you enter the room first a 42" vanity, then an 18" linen tower, then 3' for the toilet, then a 3x6 shower against the short wall at the far end. It would also work with a 3' vanity and 2' linen tower, or 4' vanity, no linen cabinet and 4x6 shower, etc.

Is this configuration, the door into the bathroom can be on the short wall next to the vanity and opposite the shower, or on the 2nd long wall opposite the vanity.

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What is room on right side of drawing? Bedroom? Why does it have exterior door?

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Thanks, kaysd. Useful ideas!

Joe_mn, yes, that is a bedroom on the right.

Here's the deal:
I'm posting her to figure out the bathroom, but the whole addition is like an in-law suite. We are trying to give that bedroom separate access to the yard (porch off rear). The trouble began in the bedroom (ha!) when I tried relocating a closet. I can move the closet *if* I make the BA 6x11 or 6x12.

I just want to make sure I'm not "squeezing" too much if I go with 6x11 (or 6x12) instead of 8x9.


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Fori is not pleased

I've had smaller bathrooms and I bet if this is for a parent, they've had smaller bathrooms too. Older homes usually don't have big baths and an older person should feel right at home if it's laid out thoughtfully (sorry old folks for stereotyping you and talking about you like you're pets!).

I think having the closet in the middle hall instead of in the smallish rooms is a really good compromise. Perhaps stick the linen closet out there if it makes the bath work better.

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Thanks, everyone, for the input. I'm feeling less uneasy about a 6x11 bath, but I do want to mark up the dimensions on the ground, lay out the fixtures, then try "occupying" the space. Cool idea.

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Why a 4' hallway width? For wheelchair access?
If so then you will want to have a 5' clear circle space in the bathroom. In that case, 6x11 isn't sufficient (though not sure if 8x9 would be either, but it is easier).

You might want to read up on universal design...

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Ur lot is small. U are squeezing a smallish addition on. U have no idea how long u will be in house. Or have guest? Is it on crawl space? Slab? Full basement? Why not sell house and find a bigger house for same money as addition will cost?

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