musicteacherJuly 16, 2013

I agreed with my contractor to put beadboard in the bathroom - including as a bathtub surround. We only occasionally use the tub and I figured if it is caulked and painted well that a few splashes won't be a problem. We even talked of using the plastic "beadboard" at least in the wet areas. I came home today to see much of it on the walls and he used the Masonite type. I am sure that when he trims and paints it will look much better, but isn't this just asking for trouble in the bathroom? The back looks almost like cardboard and I just picture it warping and swelling all over the place. Am I all wet (no pun intended) or should I say something?

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Yep, masonite or hardboard panels are not made for wet areas especially showers from what I can remember (have not sold that type product in a few years). There used to be some on the market that were sold as being able to be used in a shower area but from what I recall they were not worth a dam.

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I looked it up at HD and evidently it is called pressboard not Masonite. It is not in the shower, but IS above the separate whirlpool bathtub, and on the wall backing up to the shower, behind the toilet, etc. I feel like it is adding a really cheap look to what I was hoping would be a quality looking bathroom - and making it not at all durable.

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