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prescotthouseJune 2, 2012

My husband and I are in the beginning stages of planning our retirement home. It will be around 1800 square feet and built on a 1/2 acre sloping lot with views to the north/northeast. We want the kitchen, dining room, living room and master bedroom on the view side. The basement will be walkout and unfinished at first, but eventually finishing one or two bedrooms and a bathroom. After perusing many house plan books we were unable to find a plan that suits our needs so we have come up with the following plan and I can't figure how to post the plan in my post (sorry), so I've posted a link to the plan. Please give us your thoughts.

Here is a link that might be useful: floor plan

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Floorplanner is nice and all, and I use it too, but it really is difficult to do anything with on this forum...

Also, you can email yourself the image from your floorplanner dashboard. Then, you can actually post the image.

But, you need to post it with some dimensions, and not just the dimension key/bar at the bottom.

For example, right now, it looks like your master bathroom is a smidge skinny in some ways... you need 2ft minimum infront of your toilet. And, it looks like you have a pretty small shower stall (only). That is fine to have a shower only, but this is a particularly small one.

Also, since I can't tell the dimensions very well, your closet is not likely to be able to hold as much as you think (you won't get 3 racks of clothes all the way around. It looks like it is probably 7 ft wide? You will get 2 racks, one on each side, and then you will need drawers or similar along the back wall...the corners will be useless otherwise.)

Other comments... I am concerned that your choices of an angling stair from up to down, going under the hall bath tub may not work. That will depend on your ceiling height in the basement.

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We'll need dimensions to comment for sure. Code is 30" minimum in front of a toilet. Those stairs aren't code, either. For one, you need at least 13 steps ordinarily to clear the floor framing. You need 6'8" clearance over the steps, and the rise is usually around 7-1/2" per step. Don't forget the thickness of the floor framing- usually around a foot.

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This one might be a good possibility :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Eplan home

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Thank you for the critiques. Does anyone know of a fairly easy to use website to create a floor plan that includes measurements and is exportable? Lavender lass, I think I've seen that plan and at first had the kitchen more like that plan. Our view is to the north so the bedroom would block some of the view from the living room. Do you know if you can modify eplans online? Thanks for your help.

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It was just a guess from your description, since I couldn't see your link...but I'm glad you like parts of it :)

As for customizing it, you probably could do it online, but you might get some good help here, too. What do you like/not like about that plan...and do you have any other ones you that you like? Maybe a master bedroom/bath from one plan and a kitchen from another?

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You can use the floorplanner dimension thing to add some dimensions. That would be helpful. Also, you can export it. On the right, you can find an export thing. You can tell it where to send it (to your email for example) and then you can post it in any image site--photobucket, picasaweb, etc.

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