Cubic feet measurements and refrigerators

sadiebrooklynJuly 27, 2010

I remember reading a thread on the forum about the discrepancy in interior fridge measurements between a high end and lower end manufacturers (the gist was that the low end products do not accurately list their interior capacity).

Does anyone else remember this discussion I would love the link for it. i currently have a white GE profile freezer on top which says it has 21.7 cu ft. We definitely want more than we currently have with a fully integrated model. Would the subzero 736 with 20.4 cu ft be more storage or would I need to go to the side by size columns to get significantly more than I currently have?

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Is there a standard way of measuring? I would think that they'd get in trouble if there were true discrepancies, but one might measure entire interior volume, where the other might measure the volume of what you can actually put on the shelves. Maybe some are based on exterior measures. I don't know.

What has been discussed here frequently, is that the number isn't a highly meaningful comparison. 15 cu. ft. vs. 22 cu. ft. gives you an idea that one model is larger than the other. But what folks here have found is that a well laid out 20 cu. ft. fridge might functionally hold more stuff than a competing 22.5 cu. ft. poorly laid out fridge, where a lot of the volume is used in places where you can't actually store stuff.

In your example, they well could have the same amount of storage space, or the "smaller" one could have more. I would call them equivalently sized on a gross level, but the only way to judge the interior is to look. Your best bet is to go to showrooms and actually look at the models in question. Take some containers with you. Maybe fill a baggie with styro peanuts or socks or whatever you have in the house to be the size of a chicken, and another the size of a head of lettuce. That kind of thing. See how they fit.

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