My Christmas Decor (pics)

yachter123December 9, 2010

Hi to all, I've had so many things to deal with, some good, some bad, I've decided to call it our "The good, the bad & the ugly" period right now!

I have not been able to keep up here, but do sneak in & love all of your holiday decor that I've been able to see.

Love the woodsy santa vignettes I've seen. Oh sure, tempt me with them now, it's not bad enough I'm hooked on Chef Santa's!!!!

Everyone's tables look great & Karen, cannot believe all the decor you have out already & those curios are so much work, but such a joy for all of us to look at & enjoy. I bet your family really loves seeing all of them at Christmas time! Your nutcrackers on the mantel look fab and aren't you glad you purchased that large one who stands on the floor! I just love him!

Kathleen, have looked at your blog, always check there too & as always, your tables are fabulous and I really enjoy them.

OA, see you started a blog & had a minute to check it out, lots of work those blogs, but you're off to a great start everything looks great & love your story telling about each thing.

Punk, thanks for missing me, it means alot. Love your blue & white snowball table & those plates are to die for, also your F&F table.

Well besides many things going on, I've had sinus infection on & off for about a month now, plus everyone in our house is at some stage with headcolds, coughing, blowing etc. Not a good winter for us so far!!!

My grandson's taping in September went well, the crew arrived on a weekday & my son was out of town for work, so I was in charge til he arrived home the next day. They did alot of taping of the just normal things a 14 year old does, filmed him riding his bike to school, him playing his guitar & singing a song he wrote for the service at the schools chapel, then they filmed him & his band playing at another big church for the youth group in a nearby town. That evening they also filmed him & his band playing at a teen club, so it was long day, started about 7 a.m. & ended about midnite!

Rick was doing a book signing in the town where I tell you I go for garage sales, the very upscale homes etc. on the nite the crew arrived (my son out of town) and they wanted to film my grandson & Rick at the book signing.

Funny, they asked if I was familiar with the town & could I get him there that nite! LOL I didn't tell them it's like my second home & I know the town better than my own! LOL LOL

First pic is Dustin with Rick and a good friend of ours.

Second pic is Dustin & friends holding up the production company sign at booksigning.

Finally, over the weekend, I tried to muster up some energy to do a bit of decorating, and I admit, I scaled it way back this year due to being sick etc.

I used alot of things I had last year, but used them in a different way or area.

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Yacht, I am SO glad you were up to posting! And decorating. I always love to see what you do.
Get some antibiotics for that darn sinus infection! Been there, done that. Sinus infections are awful.

Its so neat that "THE" Rick Springfield has been such a long time friend to your grandson! Dustin's smile says it all too!

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I've been on anti-b's twice now & it keeps coming back. DH has been on them too & his is not gone.

I think it's the weather & the kids bringing the germs home from school.

Yes, Dustin & Rick are old buddies.
Another funny, Rick is in Chicago area this Friday & Dustin & his band are booked for Friday nite & too busy to see Rick!

I took a long nap after dinner tonite & now I'm wide awake at 3 a.m.!!! LOL

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Those are great pix of Dustin, he looks like he is having a blast. So sorry you've been sick. Your chef Santas are adorable, and I like how you displayed them on the table.

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Love the Santa and the Mrs. items on your table! They are so darn cute, just made me smile from ear to ear--now don't tell me those were garage sale finds! Too cute!

The mugs and napkins on the pedestal make a neat display, and of course, I really like your kitchen counter chef Santa display too.

So glad Dustin's band is getting lots of "gigs". He really does look like he's enjoying it all so much.

Sorry you are not feeling good, but so glad you were able to post your pretty decor pics for us.


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Good to see you here, yachter.
Being busy is good, right? & it looks like you've all been having some very good days (excluding the sick ones),,,hope you'll be back to par soon.

Your home always look so pretty..>& I really enjoyed seeing these table pics of your Christmasy cooks & helpers! Bright, cheerful Christmas R&G colors...& that Santa Chef is so darn CUTE! (as is your GS's pics) Love it all! TFS! Jeanne s.

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Luvs, no those are Anna Lee dolls & I bought them last year at Home Goods, and had them on my kitchen counter last year with the big Santa Chef. I told you I scaled down, so moved a few things to different places & makes it look totally different.

The red tablecloth was a garage sale find this year for $2 and the pink striped one was from several years ago, I think I payed .50 cents for it. The little elves were an ebay find last year after xmas, like $4 for 6 of them & cheap shipping.

jeannespines, I'm still fighting a headfull, but at least no fever. Thanks for the compliments on my table, it's really alot less than I usually do, but at least there is something!!!

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Yach, Glad you're back.
The pictures are great.
Sorry to hear you've been sick.
Sinus infections are the PITS!!

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Yachter, so glad you had time to jump on here. Sounds like you had a very busy schedule for awhile. Thanks for the story and all the pictures with Dustin.

How's your sinus infection and the rest of the family feeling now? Love the decorations with all your Chef's. I am going to have to keep adding more cloches to my collection after seeing yours. This is such a beautiful time of year. Hope you will be able to join us here more.


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Thanks Nana & Punk, I'm still fighting sinus & so is most of the family, but with it in the single digits & the heat running so much, dry heat, it's hard to get over this! I doubt we will til the weather warms up in like JUNE!!!

Punk, those cloches are the greatest & I know my table is out of sync with only one, but I tried it in the center & it didn't look right with the cups on a side & Mrs. Chef on a side. Believe me, I struggled with that table, although it isn't much this year. The cups were brand new & a garage sale find this past summer & I so wanted to use them.

I tried both Mr. & Mrs. under the cloche & even though it's huge, they were smashed up together & it looked awful.

I have smaller ones, but that big one was a gift for my birthday a few years ago. My DS paid dearly for it & then the next year Home Goods had the big ones, although not as heavy as this one, at really reasonable prices. I wish I had bought another big one!!

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I love the Annalee Mobiltee dolls, the hand painted faces are always so cute.
I think she hires all women to help families in her area of N.H. I have a couple of Christmas angels(not too exciting they are babies & then the cute Santa in the chimney with his bag of toys. The sinus infections are the pits. Hubby & I both went to ear, nose,& throat specialist & he had a great help, it worked well for us & for a lady at church that was on her 3rd round of antibiotics & still felt lousy. You just pinch your nose closed with thumb & 2nd finger & then blow as hard as you can. You will feel it!!! It releases the gunk & it drains away. Good for ear infections too! You need the antibiotics too but it speeds recovery. Hope you are well soon! Jan

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Yachter...glad you're back. I'm sorry to hear about you being sick. Hopefully all will be moving forward towards feeling better.
I'm happy to hear things are going so well for Dustin. He looks great. Sounds like he's working hard towards his goal, and I wish him much success.
With all that's been going on, you managed to decorate too. Your Christmas table looks very festive. I love how you set up Mr & Mrs in their 'own' little vignettes.
Looks like Mrs is very happy that Mr is under glass...and out of mischief!! lol
Hope you're back to feeling 100% soon.




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