DIY napkin rings

swest2_gwDecember 12, 2013

I wanted plaid napkin rings but did not want to pay a hefty price. So, I bought four napkin rings for $1 at a TS. I used a plaid napkin to cover them. I like the green plaid and they look good with my dishes.

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What a simple solution to have pretty Christmas napkin rings. I really like the GREEN plaid a LOT. You sure have been a busy, crafty lil bee....

hugs, Karen

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Good crafting, swest!

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Those look terrific and very cost effective. Did your turn under the cut edges and glue the fabric down?

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Covered the napkin ring with double- sided tape. Covered the napkin in clear tape, then cut along the grid, then laid the napkin on the double-sided tape. It was like contact paper. I never intended it to be permanent but I think it will last for a while, surprisingly.

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Cool! Thanks for this great idea.

A person might be able to use this for any theme, especially one that you're not likely to do again (bon voyage party, school colors for graduation, etc.), so that you don't have to spend very much to enhance the theme.

Thanks for sharing this, Sweet2.

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Great idea ... thought it was 'ribbon' when I first saw your pic...that would work, too. Love the 'plaids!' Jeanne S.

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I think they look great! They look like expensive napkin rings and can be customized to match other elements of the table or occasion. Nice idea. TFS, Donna
I like the green plaid with the silver. They will be pretty on your Christmas table.

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