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Hi All

Having trouble deciding which way to go with our 30" range. This is for a small beach house kitchen. It's an open design so aesthetics are important to us. There in no natural gas service and currently no LP tank. We've learned a ton about induction on this forum and really want to go in that direction rather than converting to LP but...

- There appear to be only Viking and Ilve to choose among
- Ilve is less expensive by about $1k but its styling is a bit more modern and there are no reviews on GW or elsewhere as far as we know
- Viking looks nice and there are some positive and neg reviews but its really expensive and we are worried about quality given what we've read about Viking in general (the 3 yr warentee helps some)

We considered doing a cooktop over an oven due to space limitations but 1) its unclear whether or not there is enough room to do this with induction units we have looked at (Bosch, Thermador, Miele) and 2) we prefer the look of a ss range (kitchen will be white in white and we want to break that up a bit).

The other option is to go with LP for the range and pipe the grill while we are at it. No idea what this will cost but I am guessing it could be a wash if we get a lower price LP range. We only have room for a 30" hood though so not sure propane is a good idea.


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Sophie Wheeler

I'd do a slide in induction like GE or Electrolux. Even in a moderately high end beach house, most of the focus is on the beach and as long as it looks a bit sleek like a slide in does, it will look fine.

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Well, if you insist that your only induction choices are very expensive induction ranges with stainless steel finishes, "pro-style" stove-top space, and uncertain reliability and support, you should also look at the new Dacor Rennaisance 30" Induction range. A couple of us have commented on the Dacor induction range in a recent thread. (Search on "Dacor + induction range + gardenweb"). For specs and images check out the Dacor site at the link below

Priced about the same as the Ilve but with a much larger oven.

Speaking of that, you are aware that the Ilve has the typical Euro-oven which is only 3 cu. ft, --- tiny and narrow by North American standards? OTOH, it has a built-in rotisserie and a warming drawer. Here's a link to the owner's manual if you have not seen it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dacor induction range

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Thanks hollysprings and JWVideo. We do prefer knobs and pro style (maybe we are shallow : ) the range will be very visible/focal in the open kitchen layout. I've read a number of reviews on the elux and it sounds like quality is spotty and flush to counter installation is a trade off. The GE cat eye is just ugly IMHO.

We can get a 30" LP Thermador range for well under retail (a relative works there). Do either of you have thoughts on the cost, advantages/disadvantages of going to LP? Would appreciate thoughts you may have on the Thermador range too. As I said before I'm concerned about ventilation since we can only fit a 30" hood given our limited upper cabinet space. Cannot tell from the Thermador manual how wide the hood needs to be but the burners are 15,000 btu.

As much as I want induction (ease of cleaning, seems safer for our young children, perhaps less heat generation) we also like the idea of piping the grill. If we do go to a fancy induction we will need to upgrade to 50A. Would like to get the look we want for the lowest cost (relatively speaking). Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experience with a newbie.

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The Thermador sounds like the best deal for your preferences.

I do not have any first hand experience with Thermador gas ranges of any kind. Been a while since I've seen any extended discussion of them, but you might have a look at this thread from three years ago:


It seems to cover most every aspect to a degree except that there is no discussion of LP conversions. About all I can tell you generally about propane conversions is that, on many models of stoves, the conversion results in a 10 or 15% reduction in btu throughput.

IIRC, the Thermador burners are rated at 18,000 btu-hr for natural gas and 15,000 btu-hr of LP. That drop can be a concern for some cooks. It can seem like an outrageous blow to bragging rights for those whose motivation is buying a trophy stove. It will be a matter of complete indifference to others.

The Thermador 36" ranges are on Consumer Reports list of recommended pro-style ranges, and got high marks in CR's testing (except for oven self-cleaning, where it was rated dismal.) The 30" all gas Thermador got very good marks for high heat and excellent marks for simmering, but got below-average marks for oven baking and broiling and, of course, does not have a self-cleaning oven function, at all.. CR's membership surveys on reliability did not get enough responses to provide valid data on reliability and breakdowns for Thermador ranges.

That's about all I can tell you about Thermador stoves.

As for rangehoods, there are literally dozens of very informative discussions on that subject here including a couple that are presently active. What I can suggest to you is that, with your constraints, you should look for a canopy style hood (i.e., one that is actually a hood) and try to get one that is at least 24" deep (front to back). 27" deep would be better.

I think Thermador has a couple of hood-style 30" wide by 24" deep range hoods that, I thnk, are rated at 600 CFM, but I don't know anything else about them.

Of course, if won't be doing much cooking, then get whatever highly-styled 30" venting device you like.

BTW, is this house of yours on a beach with a relatively cool summer climate --- say, northern New England or the Pacific Northwest? Or is it some place with hot summers like Southern California, the Gulf, and southern coastal states? If I had a beach house and it was in a hot area, and was planning on doing a lot of cooking there in the summertime, I would to forgo the high-style looks and reconsider some of the induction ranges.

You might find, as I did, that GE's cat-eye/neo-Jetson styling is a lot less offensive in person than it is in the photos we see on the Internet. Personally, I found the design detestable when I saw the photos on-line and even contacted GE about the possibility of swapping in an oven door from different GE models. (GE said the oven doors were not interchangeable.) However, when I got to see the actual stove, I found the design was a lot more tolerable to me. And, my heat tolerance having declined considerably from what it used to be, the cooler kitchen would be a big plus for me. YMMV, of course.

Also, the GE induction ranges only needs a 40A circuit. That is standard for electric stoves these days. You might not need any electrical upgrades if you got one of the GE ranges.

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Thanks JWVideo very helpful. I think you've convinced me to go find a slide in GE on display and to do my homework on ventilation.

The house is in NE-- hot and humid sometimes

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I agree with really considering the GE induction. We love ours. We were picking between the GE and Elux, GE won out because of some consistent issues I was reading about Elux. A bonus of the GE that I didn't realize at the time is the slide in doesn't require any special preparation. I was so concerned after reading the Elux slide in specs that I stupidly didnt pull the GE slide in specs and just got the range. Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic, but in our tiny kitchen the less visual clutter the better!

The "eye" really isn't that bad in person. You could even get an Advantium to match, and spend more time on the beach, less time cooking! Our Advantium finally gets installed next week. I am so excited to try it out! We have a 240 V wall model.

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