2" faucet reach into sink...too short, right?

threeapplesJuly 24, 2013

Our faucet was installed today and I'm not pleased with the short reach. There is about another inch they could have pulled the faucet forward. Washing your hands here means you are touching the back of the sink and I have incredibly small hands. I plan to email this to the fabricator, but am I in the wrong being frustrated wiry this? Thanks.

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That would be very frustrating. I can't think that install would be standard. I would follow-up with the fabricator for sure.


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Thanks, Carol. They are coming out to look Monday. I hope they do something to remedy this.

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yes, I would be frustrated as well. I have just the opposite problem with my floor mount tub faucet that was installed today. It sticks about half way into the clawfoot tub! The plumber was not happy that we aren't happy with it but it looks rediculious! They will have to move the drain in order to move the tub away from the faucet and they will have to repair the tile. So frustrating. Also, I have a vanity with carrara marble and the faucet holes are off center. I think they're going to have to remake that one because the trim at the bottom of the faucet doesn't allow for much room to move. So...anyway, no you're right to think that this needs to be fixed.

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Just wanted to say, that is one very handsome faucet.

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Can you get a longer reach for the faucet?

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I called the faucet company (Signature Hardware) and their longer reach bridge faucets are too high for the shelf part if this vanity. I'm pretty annoyed, but hoping the counter fabricator will admit the error and help us out.

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The end of the faucet (where the water pours out) is supposed to line up below with the drain. I had the opposite problem with the faucet extending too far out. We were able to custom order a shorter length but even plumbing shop didn't know we could have a custom size (which cost more) until they called the company. Hope things work out for you too.

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Does this faucet comes in a widespread option ? Or you can get another faucet that is widespread , so the fabricator can drill you another hole for the spout closer to the sink . If you cannot return or exchange your faucet , the fabricator can pay for the new one instead of doing another top . I am not sure if you like these options , but they can be considered if you are stuck with this top . Good luck .

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This is an 8" spread. I can't find one with a longer spout that has handles that don't go too high for the shelf. They pulled the faucet forward a half inch but said that's all they can do.

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