filter for prep sink + ice maker

sstrazisarJuly 31, 2013

Hi all, I know there is a lot of info on the forums re: filtration, but I'm struggling with this particular question. I've asked two plumbing supply houses for their recommendations, and have yet to hear back (it's been 1 week). My contractor has no opinion, and will install "whatever we choose", so no help there either.

We will have a cold water only bar sink next to our fridge, which has an internal icemaker. Ideally, I'd like to have a single faucet of my own choosing on the sink, which will likely only be used for drinking water. I'd also like to filter the water going to the icemaker if possible. We have municipal water that contains chloramine, and we prefer the taste of filtered water (currently using Brita pitcher).

Can I use one filter for both the drinking water & ice maker? Basically, put the filter on the cold water inlet, and then Tee off to the icemaker? Or do they need separate filters? I'm afraid it might get a bit crowded under the sink!

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yes you can use one filter and just T it to the icemaker and sink.
Personally I'm a fan of the Everpure filters but there are many good ones out there.

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I can't comment on if the "T" will work, but I would assume it would as Jakvis stated.

I would comment, though, that a Brita pitcher and a good quality under sink filter are two different things completely. Some people don't like the taste of really good filtered water, just wanted to point that out. But I would say that wouldn't really be an issue, I always prefer my filtered water to just plan tap or even bottled water.


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Thanks Jakvis and Phil! Local plumbing supply store recommended insinkerator, but they seem more for hot water taps.

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