Help! Front door Mullions

donnagwdJune 25, 2012

Why in the world did the builder have us select a front door and color paint for the front door, and not tell us that the mullions (which are internal) could not be painted and would remain white?

Now we have a lovely red front door (against a deep navy/gray house with white trim) and the white mullions on the front door stand out like a sore thumb against the red door.

Is there a fix for this?

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What did the drawings you approved for the door show? From what I know they are really only available in White and/or Bronze.

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The drawings weren't in color - just line drawing w/o colors or shading to indicate colors.

The "designer" recommended the fiberglass door because she said it would hold up better to our dogs - I wish she had made the point that if we chose fiberglass the door would be red and the mullions couldn't be painted.

Looks like the other houses by this builder have wood doors and they look uniform. There's one house with the two-tone door and I can see it a mile away.

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I'm having the same problem - red front door with white mullions that stand out in a very ugly way. The mullions are exterior, not inside the glass, but the painter said that if he paints them the paint won't last since they are plastic (the door is some sort of composite, fiberglass I think). He will be back next week for a the 2nd coat. Should I insist he paint the mullions. I hate the way the door looks now.

Thank you.

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If you don't like the door, then change it to a wooden one that can be finished the way you prefer. Chances are you will hate this door for as long as you live in the house.

This is one of those house-building lessons that many suffer through.

Learn and move on! Don't dwell on it.

Good luck with your project!

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i'd see if a door company can create mullions for you that can be custom-fitted to the glass on the inside and outside panes and the white mullions you have now will almost appear as a spacer bar portion of a simulated divided lite window element. good luck.

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Thanks for your replies. I'll post the results if I find away to resolve this.

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On a side door to my house we have plastic type mullions on the exterior. They were painted on the inside and the outside of the door to match the door paint. I've even repainted them myself with no problems of peeling, etc. It sounds like a painter not wanting to do the detail work to me.

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That last post was for Ardita, not the OP.

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